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 · About SDJU

Shanghai Dian Ji University is a public university which is focused on the cultivation of students with strong practical skills and its key specialty is engineering. Other specialties in our university include science, arts, economics, and management. The teaching schools subordinate to the university are School of Electrical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical Information, School of Economics and Management, School of Foreign Languages, School of Arts and Science, School of International Education, Department of Automotive Engineering and School of Advanced Vocational Technology. In addition, Industrial Training Center and Physical Education Center are in charge of experiments and practical training, physical education respectively. School of Continuing Education and Shanghai Li Bin College for Electric Technicians are in charge of adult degree education and non-degree training. Shanghai Dian Ji University has 20 undergraduate degree specialties. Up till now, there are 10,775 full-time degree and diploma students at school. There are 898 staff members, including 484 professional teachers, 169 professors and associate professors.


· History

Shanghai Dian Ji University,founded in 1953, by holding to the spirit of “progressing with undiminished vigor and forever pursuing excellence.” became a key school in the 1950’s and 1960’s under the direct administration of the First Ministry of Mechanical Industry. The creation of “Cai Detai Teaching Method”, which became popular all over the nation, helped the university accumulate precious experiences in education. After inspecting the school in 1958, Liu Shaoqi, China’s former president, confirmed its educational mode-“combining school with factory, and focusing on both teaching and production”- and praised its achievements. Approved by the former National Educational Committee, the school was one of the three first schools nationwide that had the privilege to start experimenting 5-year higher vocational education. The school has won the titles of “Municipal Model Unit”, “Excellent Unit of Vocational Education in the Nation”, “Key College of National Higher Vocational and Professional Education”, “Model College of Higher Vocational and Professional Education in Shanghai”(one out of eleven), and “Excellent Employment Promotion Collective Body of Shanghai”. In August, 2004, the school was upgraded to a university giving undergraduate courses with the approval of the municipal government of Shanghai.


· Development

Relying on and taking advantage of local industries, the university has expanded its teaching space by acquiring 65 out-of-campus matching bases for training and practice. It has established long-term cooperative partnership with more than 600 enterprises in and out of electrical and mechanical industries, thus engaging engineering professionals as part-time teachers to instruct students in practical skill training and graduation design. SDJU has caught the attention of society due to the beneficial result from its policy – open to the market and serving society. The percentage of graduates signing up the first employment contract has remained above 95% for more than ten years, placing SDJU among the top universities in Shanghai. Most SDJU graduates gain employment from pillar industries and high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, such as Shanghai Baogang Group, shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GE, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery, etc.  Geared to the needs of modern manufacturing industry and related service industry, SDJU has a foothold in Shanghai, reaches out to the Yangtze River Delta, and serves the whole nation. Its goal is to develop itself into a full-time university of applied technology, with engineering as its core specialty and specialties such as science, arts, economics, and administration in coordinated development. Supported by information technology, the school will stick to promoting education characterized by the integration of production, teaching, and research and by linking pre-employment and post-employment vocational education in order to train high-level personnel equipped with applied technologies, capable of innovation and practical operation, and competent in international cooperation and communication.


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