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TIAN FU College of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Southwestern China | Sichuan


Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) is at the top tier of universities of finance and economics under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, P.R. China. It is also one of 100 highly selective universities in the nation’s “Project 211” (a project that is aimed to cultivate a group of high quality Chinese universities to meet the challenges of the 21st century). SWUFE has become a comprehensive university of finance and economics in China. As a leading institution of finance and economics in China, SWUFE has developed a multiversity with 19 different schools located at three campuses, Chengdu, Wenjiang and Mianyang, in Sichuan Province. Approved as an independent college by the Ministry of Education in mid April 2006, Tian Fu College is an affiliated college of SWUFE.

Located at Mianyang, Tian Fu College is a progressive, innovative unit of SWUFE. With an employment strategy, which encourages employing competent native English speaking experts and teachers, the college is meeting its objectives of producing bilingual graduates who can successfully compete in the international electronic business and educational arenas. The College embraces both western and traditional Chinese perspectives, the foreign teaching corps is an integral part of the school’s current and future success. We have vacancies in several professional and academic departments, with specific needs in teaching the following courses: Conversational English, Major English-Speaking Cultures, Inter-Cultural Communication, English Business Writing; Management: Service, Customer Relations, Retailing, and Strategic, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Accounting, Investment, International Economics, Computer Science, Technology of E-Commerce, Logistic Technology and Equipment, System Analysis and Design of Logistics. In the beginning of September, 2006, Tian Fu College will proudly offer the following programs: English, Commerce, Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Financial Engineering, Tourism Management, Computer Information Technology (IT) and Logistics, to name a few. We warmly welcome all qualified applicants to join our faculty and help our students achieve their academic and professional goals.

Present-day Tian Fu College, as a branch of Xi Nan Cai Jin Da Xue, was established in October 2003. The campus occupies an area of 39 hectares (585 mu) with newly built and well-designed modern housing, classroom, office, also provides advancedcomputer, recreational, sports, and administrative facilities. Our classrooms are multi-media equipped, and the housing for international experts with hotel-style management is arguably the best in the province. Our campus provides a comfortable teaching and learning environment, with both modern buildings and rustic green spaces. Our location is just 10 minutes to the center of Mianyang, the second largest city in Sichuan Province and one of the nation’s model cities for its natural beauty and cleanliness.

Mianyang City is home to a population of 600,000 and is nestled among the hills and mountains of Sichuan Province in southwestern China. It is about 100 km (90 minutes) northeast to the provincial capital, Chengdu, with a population of 9 million considered to be the “gateway city” to the rapidly developing western regions of China. Mianyang itself is an historic city that blends the best of a colourful past and an innovative future. It is the home of over 1,000-year old temples and scenic sites aswell as a very promising science city, hosting one of the most advanced high-tech R&D centers in China. River walks, beautiful light displays, and scenic bridges highlight Mianyang City’s clean rivers. There are ample shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities, again ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.  Surrounding the central park, one may find a McDonald’s, a KFC, traditional Sichuan-style restaurants, world-renowned hotpot restaurants, noodles and dumplings restaurants, Chinese barbecue, numerous tea and coffee houses, vegetarian restaurants, and street food vendors. In 2005 Mianyang was named China’s third best city for comfortable living ( ).

Mianyang City boasts several high quality Western-style hotels, a new museum, a large sports stadium, nightclubs, discos, numerous scenic parks and historic sites, department stores, boutiques, traditional outdoor markets, and tree-lined streets. The nightly light displays give the central city a festive and friendly atmosphere. The nearby capital city of Chengdu offers additional sightseeing, entertainment, culinary, and cultural opportunities as well. Sichuan Province is famous for many things in addition to its cuisine, including pandas (two thirds of the world’s pandas live in Sichuan), Mt. Emei, the Leshan Giant Buddha, Dujiangyan (a 2,500-year old historic site and ancient technological wonder), Sanxingdui historic ruins, and Jiuzhaigou natural park, Yibin’s Sea of Bamboo, Zigong’s Dinosaur Museum, Guangyuan’s temple in honour of the Empress Wu Zetian. The province is home to many Chinese minority nationalities, including the Yi, Zang, Qiang and Tibetan peoples.

We are proud of our university and our host city, and we hope you will find it appealing as well. Below are some details about our teaching positions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, and recommendations you may have.  We welcome you to a great place to teach, travel, and live: Tian Fu College of SWUFE in Mianyang!


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