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Leshan Normal University

Southwestern China | Sichuan



Located in the City with a long history---Leshan, the hometown of Guo Moruo, a world famous writer and scholar, and the site of world natural and cultural heritages recognized by United Nation Education, Science, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Leshan Normal University was established in 1978 and is under the authority of Sichuan Provincial Ministry of Education. In Leshan, clean water lines with bluish hills; ancient civilization meets with modern cultures. And thus, the campus lying upon the river, and decorated by flourish foliage affords a matchless environment for studying, doing research and education.

Mt. Emeishan.

Emeishan is one of the four most sacred Buddhist Mountains in China. Local legend has it that the mountain derived its name from two peaks that face each other and resemble eyebrows. The undulating peaks, covered with lush forests and green bamboo occupy an area of more than 300 square kilometers (116 square miles) in southwest Sichuan Province.
 Mt. Emeishan draws many types of visitors, from pilgrims making sacred journeys to climbers attempting to scale the magnificent heights. The mountain is known for its steep cliffs, lofty peaks, roaring waterfalls, gurgling springs, towering trees and fragrant flowers.

Leshan Giant Buddha
 Leshan Giant Buddha is an enormous statue carved into the side of Lingyun Mountain. The Buddha is over 71 meters (230 feet) tall and is wide enough for more than 100 people to sit between its feet.
 The massive carving began in 713 AD during the Tang Dynasty and was completed in 803 AD. The Buddha overlooks the confluence of the Min, Qingyi and Dadu rivers and is reputed to be the largest carved stone Buddha in the world. A local saying says, "The Mountain is a Buddha, the Buddha is a mountain".  

Introduction to Leshan Normal University

LSTC, (Leshan Normal University ) which was founded originatedly in 1978, is one of the premier higher educational institutes for teacher education under the Sichuan Educational Commission & Education Bureau in Sichuan Province of China. It is located in the city of Leshan, hometown of world-famous cultural master Guo Moruo, and a unique natural & cultural heritage site in western China. Situated where three great rivers (Dadu, Mingjiang & Qingyi rivers) converge, Leshan City is full of beautiful natural sights, and posses a broad range of artistic and historical examples of China’s brilliant and long traditional culture. The campus in Leshan City center stands beside the Dadu River across from Leshan Grand Buddha to the east, and is a short distance from Emei Mountain in the west. The campus is built on rivers and heavily-wooded hills, and it is an ideal place for studying and working. Since the approval of the Sichuan Educational Commission in 2001, many international students from the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Holland and others have been studying here.

More than a quarter century of development, especially the intensified efforts since 2000, has greatly enhanced the College’s administrative and academic resources. Now the college boasts a strong faculty dedicated to scholarly excellence and professionalism. Members of the teaching/research, library, administration, and supportive faculties number more than 1100, including over 700 who work in teaching/research, nearly 70 professors and around 200 associate professors, among whom 4 professors enjoy the special allowance granted by the State Council, 3 entitled young experts of outsanding contribution to Sichuan Province, and 3 are candidates of the reserve academic leaders in Sichuan Province. Moreover, every year, many prominent foreign experts are invited to serve as guest professors.

The total full-time student population of nearly 14,000 includes about 12,000 undergraduates and over 4,900 correspondence students.

We offer over 31 bachelor’s degree programs in and among 12 departments and schools. These programs are distributed over the areas of liberal arts, natural sciences, engineering, economics, education, management and law and feature a coordinated pattern with educational programs as core and liberal & natural sciences programs as mainstream. The college has 2 province-level key humanities & social scientific research bases, which are Sichuan Tourism Development & Research Center and the Sichuan Guo Moruo Research Center. In addition to this, we also have 6 college-level academic institutes or centers, a World-Heritage Research Institute, Research Institue of Higher Education, Research Center of Course & Teaching Reform, Research Center of Community Development, Research Center of Leshan Economic Development, and Research Institue of Emei Martial Arts.  and 3 academic journals: Journal of Leshan Normal Uuniversity, Journal of Guo Mo-ruo Studies and Forum for Basic Education.

The College has been awarded the top national prize , first national prize, and second national prize four times for Excellent Teaching Achievement in four consecutive periods (one period per four years) by the Educational Ministry of the P.R.C. In addition, The college has always placed stress on educating its students about the importance of social practice after class. It has been awarded by the Publicity Department, Educational Ministry and Central Chinese Communist Youth League National Leading College in Social Practice for College Students during summer vacation for 3 consecutive years.  It was also awarded as a National Leading Mass Sports Unit by General Administration of Sports of China and a National Leading Arts Educational School by Educational Ministry.  Students of the College won the first prize in National Mathematical Models Competition in 2004, and the national university & college students’ art demonstration held at Great Hall of the People in Beijing in 2005 featured our students performing their dance, Flying Songs in Snow World.  More than 99 percent of its graduates find their ideal jobs, and from the year of 2003 to 2005, the College was consistently awarded the title of Leading Employment University & College for Graduate’s Employment.

Leshan Normal University upholds ideals of scientific developmental while facing modernization in the world and the future, and actively adapts itself to the needs of social development. The college obeys educational laws, and actively seeks to deepen educational reformation to promote educational creativity.

 In our history, the university has produced more then 30,000 qualified talents for the society.

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Attached information by one present  Foreign Teacher of Leshan Normal University who worked in the University.

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