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Jinhua College of Profession and Technology

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Jinhua College of Profession and Technology was founded in 1994. Zhejiang Provincial Govern-ment approved to set up Jinhua College of Science and Technology in 1995. Jinhua College of Profession and Technology was formally approved by the Ministry of National Education in April, 1998. The college is comprehensive and full-time, which focuses on high education of profession, including engineering, agriculture, medicine, economics, management, literature, normal schooling and art subjects. The college has been entitled as one of the first models for high education of profession by the Ministry of National Education.

The college is located in Jinhua, an excellent travelling city and famous historical and cultural city. The college is made up of five level colleges, which are of science & technology, economics & trade, humanity & normal schooling, medicine and agriculture. The campus consists of three parts--Dahuangshan, Binhong Road and People#s East Street. The college covers an area of 1,500Mu and has the construction areas of 330,000m2. The Dahuangshan campus is surrounded by such natural lakes as Huhaitang, Jindatang, Mentang and the Dahuangshan Park. The environment is breathtaking and the view is magnificent.



At present, there are as many as 959 staff, 652 teachers, 186 senior titles persons (26 professors, 7 guides for ph.D. student and one academician), 338 middle-level titles, over 10,000 students. There are 28 different specialities and more than 80 labs. The total value of teaching instruments and facilities is 30,000,000 yuan (RMB). More than 1,060,000 books are stored in the library, which has about 2,000 periodicals. The campus computer net has connected with science research net of national education. To set up Adults# Educational College. Jinhua Teaching Station has been a branch correspondence educational college of Zhejiang University.


With the supports from Jinhua Municipal Party Committees, Jinhua goverment, the educational departments in government, the educational departments in Provincial and ministerial levels, the main organization of government investment, the supply and assistance from Jinhua famous key enter-prises investment ( the members of the board ), the college has founded "Development Fund Committee of Jinhua College," which create chances to collect fund widely and offer invisible assets. To practise the open-door system of running the college and successfully and follow the way: "Property right connection is foundation, resources connection is supple-mentary, policy inclination is aid, selecting resources allotment is a goal." The fund collection and resources allotment are effective. At present, there are 87 college-run board organizations.The fixed assets are near 3.5 billion Yuan ( RMB ).

Under the leadership of the Party Committee, and Mr. Gu weikang, a guard for ph.D. student, the college fully carries out the students# quality education, practical ability, consciousness of competition and creation. The college adopt the method of running the college such as the linkages between education and science & technology, education and enterprise as well as education and society. Up-to-date Park of Science & Technology ( near 1,000Mu ), next to the College of Science and Industry, is being built into the center for advanced products of science and technology. The center offers reliable and advanced products of science and technology to main estates and enterprises in Jinhua and the neighbours. At the same time, the center supplies practical spots for the teachers# promoting the results of science and research and the students# experimental practice.


In 2001, the plan of setup Jinhua university starts.During the period of the tenth five-year plan, the institute will be upgraded to an undergraduate institute, which will set 28 departments and 50 specialties. IT is builded up to be an example university of profession and Technology which is full-time and has the largest scale and Complete varieties of specialites domestically.

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