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Guangdong Peizheng College was planned and constructed in 1993 by the alumni at home and abroad of Puiching Middle School, which has a history of 111 years and is still running in Guangzhou, Hongkong and Macau. It was also denoted and supported by many social celebrities. 

The college was approved by Guangdong Provincial Government in April of 1996 and is officially registered with the State Ministry of Education. It is now a full-time private college that provides higher education and awards government accredited diplomas to students. In 1998, the college was awarded the honor as National Advanced Private College by the National Committee of Private Education.

 Mr.Liang Shangli, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the college, is a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People#s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the chairman of the Board of Bai Hui Group of Hongkong. The managing vice chairman, Dr.Ho Hauwong is an honorary citizen of Guangzhou and is also the chairman of the board of Directors of Weswick Corporation Ltd of Hongkong. The college has been devoting to Education Reform. 

The reform lies in three areas---credit system, contract system, and the rear-service socialization. The college lays emphasis on teaching English and computer skills and enhancing cooperation and exchange of staff and students with colleges of developed countries. In order to explore a new way to be prestigious private school, the college makes full use of the opportunities for private education and advantages of abundant human resources from Puiching Alumni.


The college is located near Jiyi Reservoir, Chini Town, Huadu District of Guangzhou, with a campus area of 380 thousand square meters. It is an ideal studying place with such a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. After 13 years of construction and development, the total assets of the school have reached almost RMB400 million yuan (over 40million US$). The built-up area of the campus is almost 60 thousand square meters and the school road, land scope and sport facilities are being perfected. In order to meet the requirements of teaching, the college has established  advanced language labs, several computer labs, accounting labs, finance laba and multi-media classrooms.

 The school library now has a collection 905,000 volumes of both Chinese and foreign books and more than 3000 kinds of periodicals and magazines. There are almost 800 qualified full-time teachers and 200 part-time teachers in our college and 60 percent of them have advanced professional titles. The school also employed 82 foreign teachers in 2006 and the number is the highest compared with that of other colleges in Guangdong province. The school consists of eight departments: Finance, Marketing, Administration, Accounting, Foreign languages, Humanities and General Education, Law and Information. And now there are 13,000 students in 12 faculties: International Finance, International Trade, Marketing, Administration, Accounting, Business English, English-Chinese Secretary, Estate management, Hotel Management, Law and Computer Information management and Insurance.

 With several years# hard work, the school has made great progress not only in hardware construction but also in software construction. And all this made a good foundation for the school progressive development.


The management of our college implements the policies of the Committee of College#s Affairs under the guide of the Board of Trustees. The college fully carries out national education policies and runs the school for public welfare. The school tries to strengthen the student#s ability to make them more refined graduates and train them more qualified to word in foreign capital oriented enterprises. With the reform to accelerate development principle, the quality of teaching has been improving steadily. Four sessions of students have graduated from the school are working in different lines. Most of them receive good evaluation from their employer. The employment rate reaches 100%. 

By the year 2006, when the college celebrates its 13th anniversary, it hopes to reach the goal of more than 15.000 students, providing multi-patterns and multi-levels of four-year undergraduate schooling, universal education and nonacademic credentials training subsidiary. The college hopes to strengthen the educational cooperation with colleges home and abroad and contribute the community development. All the staff and students are confident of making Puiching a first-rate private college in China.


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