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Jiangnan University?CLambton College

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Jiangnan University?CLambton College is located in Wuxi City, which is a picturesque, prosperous and historic city in the southern part of the Yangtze River Basin. With mountains and water by its side, JU-Lambton College as an institution of higher learning enjoys a beautiful and garden-like environment. More than this, JU-Lambton College also enjoys excellent teaching staff and facilities, ancient cultural background and quiet study atmosphere as well as the tremendous support from Jiangnan University (previously Light Industry University). A combination of these advantages ensures the success of the college and its students.


Jiangnan University?CLambton College is an International Cooperative Educational Institution for nurturing students’ talents in the fields of high technology and business administration. It is supported by a Cooperative International Program involving five Universities and Colleges, namely Lambton College, College of North Atlantic, Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada, Northwood University U.S.A. and Jiangnan University China, which is a 100-year-odd member of “211” project directly under the Ministry of Education in China. JU-Lambton College, a secondary college to JU, was formally approved by China’s Ministry of Education on July 19, 2001 with the issuance of the related formal document. In September of the same year, it was approved by the Academic Degree office of the State Council of China to award Bachelor degrees to its graduates when they successfully completed all the requirements for graduation after four year study. According to the agreements with its cooperative partners, its cooperative partners award academic degrees to its graduates. It succeeded in passing the reviews by the expert panels from the Ministry of Education in China for two times in September, 2004 and April, 2006 respectively. It started recruiting students since August, 2001 with a current enrolment of 1,300.


Jiangnan University-Lambton College offers the following programs

Two Technical Programs:

1.      Telecommunication Engineering,

2.  Computer Engineering Technology

(with two options of Software Engineering Technology and Instrumentation),


Six Business Programs

1.         Business Administration General,

2.         Management Information Systems,

3.         Marketing

4.         Accounting

5.         International Trade,

6.         Hospitality and Tourism.


JU-Lambton College registers its students at its overseas cooperative partners and employs International standard teaching plans, curriculum, course outlines, textbooks, and academic standard and evaluation requirements prescribed by its overseas cooperative institutions. After the completion of the required credit hours, JU-Lambton students can obtain corresponding Diplomas and Degrees granted by JU-Lambton College’s overseas cooperative partners.       


JU-Lambton College carries out credit hour administration. Its students are expected to complete their study in four years. Outstanding students are provided with the option of early graduation, if they complete their prescribed credit hours ahead of time. Students are allowed to complete their study at the college within seven years if they fail to complete them as scheduled.



Jiangnan University?CLambton College combines diploma-level study and degree-level study together in its teaching plan. For the first three academic years, students are registered at overseas cooperative post-secondary institutions and obtain their diplomas upon completion of their diploma-level study. Fourth year students can have their earned credits transferred to, and also be registered at, JU-Lambton College’s overseas cooperative degree-level universities if they meet the minimum requirement in English Language Proficiency. Students can also obtain their Bachelor Degree upon completion of their credit hours as required.


One of Jiangnan University?CLambton College strengths is that it offers a flexible mode of study. During their four years, students can choose to complete their studies without going abroad. Meanwhile, they enjoy the opportunity of applying in due course to study at our Overseas Cooperative Educational Institutions until their graduation. The credits they have earned while studying in China are transferable to our corresponding Cooperative Educational Institutions. Regardless of where students complete their study, they will obtain the same Diplomas and Degrees.


The faculty of JU-Lambton College is composed of both Chinese and overseas instructors. According to the requirement of the teaching plan for each semester, English language courses and some professional courses are taught by overseas instructors from North America, Great Britain and Australia recruited by our college, while other courses are taught by faculty members of Jiangnan University. International and Chinese instructors account for approximately 50% of our teaching staff respectively. JU-Lambton College enjoys some of its own teaching facilities and lab equipment and also shares other related resources with Jiangnan University. All the textbooks used by JU-Lambton College are in The English language. Our cooperative partners designate these teaching resources. JU-Lambton has adopted a teaching mode, which progresses from bilingual teaching, to all English teaching. 


 The Dean of Jiangnan University-Lambton College is expected to be in charge of the College’s administration under the leadership of the Joint Managerial Committee. Prof. Feng Biao, Vice Academic President of Jiangnan University, acts as the chair of the Joint Managerial Committee. A Joint Managerial Committee with the recommendation of Jiangnan University elects the Dean of Jiangnan University-Lambton Co

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