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Jimei University, approved by the Ministry of Education, is a key provincial multi-disciplined university. With the core mission of undergraduate education, it focuses on the cultivation of students???all-round capability and creativity to meet social demands. Graduates are serving the local economic construction and social development.

Jimei University presently consists of 20 colleges, offering a total of 19 postgraduate programs, 57 undergraduate programs, and 14 associate undergraduate programs in 8 disciplines: Economics, Law, Pedagogy, Literature, Natural Science, Mechanical Engineering, Agronomy and Business Administration. These 8 disciplines, including postgraduate education, undergraduate education, associate undergraduate education, overseas education and adult education, form a comprehensive school-running system. In addition, Jimei University has successfully established joint programs with foreign universities and academic institutions.

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Jimei University currently enrolls more than 21,300 full-time students. It also boasts a rank of 2,600 faculty and staff members. Among the 1,400 full-time teachers, 129 are professors and 452 associate professors, 160 Ph. D. degree holders, and more than 100 are currently enrolled in a Ph. D. program. To date, one professor has been selected as a member of the ???Millions of Talents Program???at the national level, while 11 professors have been chosen for the same in the provincial level; 8 professors enjoy the Special Subsidy of the State Council; one has been given the national ???Outstanding College Lecturers???award; and three have been awarded provincial ones.

Jimei University covers an area of 1,275,848 square meters with a floor space up to 630,000 square meters. The school has fixed assets of around 850 million RMB, and the teaching facilities have been valued at 190 million RMB. The whole university is equipped with a campus network. Recently, it has adopted the latest IPv6 net technology and wireless Internet technology. The total collection of the university library reaches over 1.9 million volumes, about 370,000 electronic books and nearly 3,000 newspapers and magazines in Chinese and foreign languages. The library also owns a digital information search centre and other 30 kinds of databases, including VIP Data Base.

In September 1996, the Board of Trustees of Jimei University was founded. It is the policy making body which makes decisions on the school???s big issues. The board serves four years for one term. The meeting of the managing directors of the board is held once a year, and the meeting of all members of the board is held once every two years. The Secretary of the Provincial Communist Party Committee of Fujian is the honorary chairperson of the board, while the Governor is the chairperson of the board.

Jimei University has won strong support and much attention of the Central Committee of the CPC. The former President Jiang Zemin has personally inscribed the name of Jimei University and the motto ???To enhance the patriotic spirit of Mr. Chen Jiageng(Mr. Tan Kah Kee) and to vitalize the education of China??? Some leaders of the Central Government such as former Premier Li Peng also presented the inscriptions to the university. Former Vice Premier Li Lanqing cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony and has returned to the university on several occasions to give some suggestions on school reform and development. CPPCC Chairman Jia Qinglin also inspected Jimei University and unveiled the bronze statue of Mr. Chen Jiageng. Other leaders from Fujian Province and Xiamen Municipality have inspected Jimei University several times as well.

Through decades of development, Jimei University is well-known for its vigorousness and renovation  and is famous at home and abroad. The specialties of maritime education and fisheries are the main features of the university. The maritime education is unmatched in Fujian Province, tops in the nation and even has much influence on the International Shipping Industry. Jimei University has produced batches of prominent talents such as Yun Shaohong, Associate Secretary of Chinese Polar Research Centre, and Captain of Xuelong Ship.

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Jimei University, while experiencing a speedy and glorious development, is celebrating its 90th anniversary. In the face of the future, three tasks are to be accomplished:

First, to reinforce the comprehensive strength and to enhance the educational revolution so as to pass the Evaluation for Undergraduate Education with excellent performance. Second, to continue developing postgraduate education. Third, to complete the construction of the new campus in 2007. The new campus, with a floor space of up to 500,000 square meters, reasonably forms a multi-campus pattern for comprehensive and sustainable development.

Jimei University has set up its new strategic objects at the beginning of the 21st century. In the first two decades, the university will con

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