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Anhui Science and Technology University

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Anhui Science and Technology University, located in Fengyang, a famous historical and culture-nurtured city, is a provincially administered comprehensive university putting emphasis on cultivating the advanced practical talents in technology. It is the only nation-wide professional key training base for teachers of practical skills in Anhui Province. Founded in 1950, it has experienced several historical changes: Fengyang School of Agronomy, Fengyang College of Agronomy, Fengyang Affiliated College of Anhui Agricultural University, North Anhui Agricultural College, Anhui Agro-technical Teachers College, Anhui Technical Teachers College, and now it gets the new name of Anhui Science and Technology University. The university is renowned for its long history, the profound cultural heritage and its extremely graceful campus.

The university, which covers around 80 hectares with nearly 300,000 square meters of floor of buildings, is preserving nearly 600,000 copies of books and 150,000 kinds of electronic documentary resources. The 10 schools, which have offered 40 undergraduate programs, cover 8 subjects: Poly-technology, Agronomy, Administration, Science, Literature, Medicine, Law and Economics. Among the faculty of 570, over 180 have acquired advanced academic titles. There are around 11909 full-time students, with additional 6000 students receiving in-service education.


It holds the belief that the university applies humanism in management, pursues first-class quality so as to achieve the motto of “ University of Specialty, Majors with Characteristics plus Students of Special Talent”. In the mission to advance the students’ overall quality and nurture talents with innovation gift, it enhances its foundation, emphasizes practice, solidifies skills, optimizes quality, highlights the central position of teaching and studying and optimizes the faculty of structure to elevate the quality of education. The university was acknowledged as qualified institute of undergraduate education in the evaluation held by the National Education Ministry in 2002. It conducted regulating the national standards of agriculture in its technology of “ Diagnostic Technique for Virulent Marek’s Disease Virus Infection of Chickens”, which has reached the latest international level. National prizes have continuously awarded the social practice for 12 years. The employment rate of graduates soars above 96% for years.


Embracing the luxurious sunshine of the new century, Anhui Science and Technology University is taking the historical opportunities, and meeting the new challenge with whole new posture. Basing itself upon Anhui, facing China, contributing to the nation, and pushing forward the three strategies of “ managing university by quality, expecting prosperity by specialty, and strengthening through talents”, the university is working hard in full cooperation to upgrade itself into a comprehensive modern university featured with distinct characteristics as well as glamorous strength.


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