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Shaoyang No.2 Middle School

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In the west of Hunan Province there is an old city called Baoqing, which has a history of more than 2,500 years. In modern times, a lot of famous people like Wei Yuan, Cai Er were brought up here. In this old city, there is a 100-year-old well-known school----Hunan Shaoyang No.2 Middle School, which was founded in 1902(Guangxu 28 of the Qing Dynasty). As early as 1953, she was confirmed to be one of the first six provincial key schools by Hunan Educational Government Agency. On account of her rich culture, very good teachers, distinctive school-running characteristics, high teaching quality and nice reputation in society, she was reconfirmed to be one of the first eight provincial key schools in Hunan Province in 1992. Since she was established over 50,000 qualified graduates have been brought up.

Shaoyang No.2 Middle School is located by the Shaoshui River, where there used to be the relics of Nan Yue. The campus is wooded and green with fragrant flowers everywhere all the year round. She has a glorious tradition and enjoys modern civilization. She covers an area of 12 ha. and has a total floor space of 60,000?. She has 62 classes, 3421 students and 226 teachers. Among the teachers eleven teachers ever won national prizes. There are 4 national leading teachers and 15 provincial leading teachers. Seven teachers have received or are to receive master’s degree or doctor’s degree. She has a magnificent Modern Education Centre Building with total functions and a 400-metre plastic race course. The physics-chemistry-biology experimenting facilities are all of the national first class. With the net-work center, multimedia classrooms, academic conference halls, data language laboratories and computer classrooms, she has realized the modernization of education and instruction and become the only “National Modern Teaching Technique Experiment School” in our city. The school library has stored over 100,000 books with electronic reading rooms. It’s open to all the teachers and students on Saturdays and Sundays. She also has a very good dining hall and comfortable students’ apartments with telephones, hot-water-supply system.

Shaoyang No.2 Middle School is famous for her strict teaching, good school spirit and high quality. Since the recovery of the college entrance exam in 1977, she has been ranking No.1 in all indexes of the college entrance examinations in our city. According to the statistics of Qinhua and Beijing Universities, the students admitted to the two universities from this school are always the most. The materials from Hunan Collage Students Recruiting Office shows that Shaoyang No.2 Middle School is one of the first few provincial key schools whose rates of students’ entering advanced schools are very high. The school is trying her best to carry out quality education. To improve the students’quality , to develop the students’ personality and to wholly cultivate talented students are her school-running characteristics. Besides, she has been in the leading post in musical, physical and art education. 

Luting Art Group named after the famous musician He Luting is famous in our province all along. Shaoyang No.2 Middle School is also a provincial key school in sports. Many top athletes grew up from here, winning a lot of prizes in the sports games at home and abroad. In the 2003 Hunan Middle School Students Field and Track Championship our school won the first place with distinctive superiority.

To further improve the English teaching especially oral English teaching, and to use foreign advanced educational theories for reference, permitted by Hunan Educational Government Agency, Shaoyang No.2 Middle School has decided to employ several foreign English teachers from the second term of 2004. All foreign friends are welcome to Shaoyang for a visit or exchange.  


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