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Dalian Institute of Light Industry

Northeastern China | Liaoning



Dalian Institute of Light Industry is a universitiy in China, which takes engineering as the principal subjects, and combing Arts, Managing with Engineering. The Institute was founded in Shenyang in 1958 and, in 1970, moved to Dalian. Before 1998, it was under the direct supervision of China National Council of Light Industry. Since 1998, it has been a university constructed mainly by Liaoning Province.

The major subjects in the Institute comprise Material Science (Inorganic Nonmetal Material, and High Polymer Material), Food Engineering (Food Science and Biology Engineering), Chemical Engineering (Applied Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Light Industry and Chemistry Engineering), Textile (Textile Engineering), Printing and Packing (Packing Engineering and Printing Engineering), Electronically Information (Automation, Electronically Information, and Computer), Machinery (Mechanical Design), Art Design (Fashion Design, Art Design, Photography, and Industry Design), and Managing (Information Management and Information System, and Industrial and Commercial Administration).

The Institute consists of 4 faculties (Art Design, Vocational Technology, Adult Education, and Asia & Pacific International Cooperation), 8 departments, and 4 teaching branches (Fundamental Subjects, Social Science, Physical Culture and Modern Technology). Among them, Fermentation Engineering and Material Science are the major subjects at provincial level. The Institute is authorized to confer Master Degree in 8 specialties including Material Science, Pulping and Paper Making Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Food Engineering, Material Processing and Chemical Technology.

The Institute has 10,555 students. The Institute covers an area of 620,000 square meters, among which school building covers an area of 240,000 square meters. The total value of teaching instrument and scientific research instrument respectively amounts to 42 million Yuan and 1.5 million Yuan. The books contained in Library reach 500,000.

The Institute pursues reform in administrative system and teaching in all-round way with the result that the standard of running a school and quality of teaching have been continuously improved. The Institute has undertaken 724 scientific research items: approximately 100 of which won the prize for advance in science and technology.

Attaching great importance to international cooperation and exchanges, the Institute has developed academic exchanges and friendly contacts with 22 countries and regions, and established the cooperation relation with more than 10 universities in countries such as America, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Korea.

In recent years, the Institute has pursued the reform and exerted himself to make the school prosperous so that great improvement has been made in standard of running a school, the quality of teaching and the achievement of scientific research, thus enjoying great popularity and influence. At the dawn of 21st century, faced with the trend of popularity, synthesis, information and internationalization in high education, we are to grasp the opportunity and quicken the pace of discipline building and teaching reform, thus we can foster more high-quality talents and make more achievement so as to make our contribution to the development of China in the new century.

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