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Taizhou University

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Founded in 1952, Taizhou University is situated in a scenic area of "Taizhou City" . Taizhou, a provincial city of Jiangsu Province, enjoys a long history of more than 2,000 years, and has a population of about 5 million. The city is known for its citizens’ high respect for learning and education. Taizhou University is a leading  Liberal Arts College in Jiangsu Province, and enjoys a respected reputation for the quality of its research and teaching.

Currently, Taizhou University has three campuses, namely, Chunhui Campus, Yingchun Campus, Taixing Campus and the new campus seat is under construction. It covers a total area of 669 acres with 5446 students enrolled. Taizhou University is comprised of 11 schools and one department of physical education. 35 majors are offered covering the fields of arts, science, engineering, education, and fine arts. Of the 35 majors, Pre-school Education and Ship Engineering Technology enjoy key support from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance; Pre-school Education, English Education and Music Education are featured majors on the provincial level. The combined majors of Pre-school Education and the combined majors of Finance and Economics have been designated as key developing majors during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period on the provincial level. Our university takes great pride in 2 excellent courses on the national level, 4 excellent courses on the provincial level and a construction project of provincial demonstrative training base.

More than 50 overseas teachers have already successfully shared their experience and knowledge with our students at our university. We invite "qualified" foreign  teachers to work at our university, and share the

joys of teaching and learning with our dedicated students and our firendly staff.

For additional information about Taizhou University and the City of Taizhou, we invite you to visit the following websites:  (a Travel Blog website of one of our foreign teachers),_Jiangsu

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