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City Institute, Dalian University of Technology

Northeastern China | Liaoning


Our Goals

Building a first-class environment   Undertaking a first-class education

Establishing a first-class institute   Cultivating first-class talentsDalian University of Technology is a realm of knowledge cultivating countless talents. To study in DUT is the dream of many aspiring students.


Licensed by the National Ministry of Education, City Institute, Dalian University of Technology was founded in March,2003. It’s the first independent undergraduate institute in Northeast China, practicing a new type of management and operation, which is run together by Dalian University of Technology(DUT) and Dalian Song Yuan Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary attached to China City Construction Company(state-owned).


City Institute is located in the city of Dalian, one of the top ten modern and vigorous economic coastal cities. It covers 7.61 hectares with building coverage of 250,000 square meters. Moreover, our complete and advanced teaching equipment provides students with the first-class studying and living environment.


DUT is in charge of City Institute’s teaching activities and administration. Fully exploiting the teaching strengths of DUT, City Institute has set up the programs to meet the requirements of social development. At present there are 8 teaching divisions, including 23 departments and 48 majors in 6 different schools, namely School of Foreign Languages, School of Computer Science, School of Architecture and Engineering, School of Management, School of Art and Media and School of Electronics and Automation and 1 Basic Course Teaching Department, 1 Engineering Practice Center,. In the year 2009, we had nearly 8800 undergraduates from all over the country.


Based on DUT’s abundant teaching staff, rich teaching resources and top-notch managerial expertise, City Institute is striving for multifaceted educational aims, practicing teaching reform and innovation, focusing on encouraging fine academic style. Our “students- centered, society-oriented” educational principle is sure to nurture high quality talents with practical abilities.


With full implementation of careful and precise teaching attitude and outstanding characteristics, our institute insists on the teaching philosophy of “Students-centered Learning, Theory-based Practicing”. Today, All of us teaching staff are endeavoring to achieve the goal of “creating first-class environment, undertaking first-class education, establishing a first-class institute, cultivating first –class talents” , construct influential major and actively develop our City Institute, DUT into a brand new high-leveled independent institute in China.


With a high sense pf responsibility and a high quality of education as our principal goal, Dalian University of Technology provides City Institute with direct management or guidance in students-recruiting, degree schemes, curriculum system, and teaching contents. Besides, we have sent excellent executives and teachers to City Institute in order to promote reform and innovation in management and talent-cultivation. Up till now, City Institute has formed its own initial educational character, and has found out a road for its own development, winning public approval in management and talent cultivation. We will unwaveringly do our best to help to promote the construction and the development of City Institute, to improve the education quality, and prepare the students to meet the demands of the economic development of our country. I should say, with the great efforts of students and teaching staff, City Institute will surely become an influential training center of high-level talents like DUT.


Supported by the rich teaching foundation of DUT, and generous financial aid from China City Construction Company, 


City Institute inherits and develops the good spirit of DUT -- "Unity, Enterprise, Practicality, Innovation", insisting on the teaching philosophy of "Students-centered Learning, Theory-based Practicing" and implements the multi-facet cultivation program, aiming to cultivate high quality and practical talents. Holding the highlight of tide, City Institute’s staff members today are working hard together towards the aim to achieve new breakthroughs in explorations and innovations in teaching and education. Meanwhile, our institute is located in Dalian, an open, modern and innovative city. We are provided with more advantageous conditions for self-development in this favorable environment.


With solid aims, the future of City Institute will sure be more brilliant tomorrow!


Institute-Enterprise Cooperation

In order to search a new way in professionals’ education by united training with enterprises, City Institute has already established good relationship with some famous corporations, such as Citi Bank, Northeast Communication, and China Travel Service.


Tutor system is applied in our school. Every class has a tutor to direct their study, taking care of their daily study and life. Tutors follow and practice the principle of teaching students in accordance of their aptitude from the students’ enrolment to their graduation.

Network classrooms and modern multimedia classrooms represent the high-end teaching talents; advanced dormitories and clean, graceful canteens make students’ life comfortable and enjoyable. All the modern facilities humanize the considerate service for the students.


A big amount of money is put annually into the construction of teaching facilities. Now, we have 142 different kinds of laboratories, computer rooms, classrooms for different specialties, innovation center, fieldwork center, multimedia classrooms, and language labs, with 2,738 computers for teaching and 19,586 seats in all the classrooms.


The library covers an area of 25,000 square meters, with 3,200 seats, 430,000 books in store, and nearly 600 different kinds of periodicals, magazines and newspapers. There is also a multifunctional reporting hall with a capacity of 500 people.


A gymnasium of 12,000 square meters and a plastic-track playground of 16,000 square meters are located in our institute. In addition, the basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts cover another 14, 300 squ

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