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Sichuan University of Arts and Science

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A Brief Introduction

Sichuan University of Arts and Science is located in Dazhou City,the door to the east Sichuan Province. A full-time higher education institute, with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China and directly under the Education Department of Sichuan Province.

The University is composed of two sections: the old campus and the new campus, covering an area of 800 mu(543 hectares) . The old campus is near the clear Zhou River, whereas the new one is adjacent to the green PhoenixMountain andLotus Lake. At present the University includes 13 departments: Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Languages, Social Science, Mathematics, Physics and Electronic Information Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Music, Arts,Management, Educational Science and Technology, and Primary Education. The University has 6 specialties for undergraduates and 37 specialties for students in the a three-year educational system, and 8 institutions researching into Baqu culture and Sichuan-Shanxi Soviet Areas’ Culture. There are approximately 6000 full time students and 340 professional teachers. Among the faculty are 27 professors and associate professors about 109 of whom have acquired academic degrees of doctorates and Masters.

It warmly welcomes foreign experts and scholars to teach here and sincerely wishes to establish international ties of exchange and cooperation with foreign universities and institutes of higher education.

An overview of Dazhou City

A shining pearl in East Sichuan Province, Dazhou city is situated in the south of the majestic Daba Mountain. It is not only the second transportation hinge of Sichuan province, but also the key meeting and radiating point of China’s four famous western cities: Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi#an and Wuhan.Dazhou Municipality administers 5 counties、one county-level city and one borough with a total population of about 6.38 million; Over 300 thousand live in the urban districts. This land is a cradle of celebrities and a paradise of resources. The great poets Li Bai and Du Fu in the Tang Dynasty once journeyed to this land and left behind many poems and inscriptions on tablets. The unique Han Monuments and the ancient Ba people’s cultural relics are also well known; The Bailixia (the mysterious long canyon in Xuanhan County), Ba Tai mountain and the magnificent spring colors in Hua’e are praised respectively as the little Three Georges and the Emei Mountain in East Sichuan. This land is abundant in natural gas , these reserves are the second largest in western China. The exploration and development of natural gas will speed the growth of the economy in this area.


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