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Huzhou University

Eastern China | Zhejiang


Huzhou University is located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Huzhou has convenient transportation facilities because Shanghai is nearby in the east and Hangzhou in the south. It is situated on the south side of the lake Tai Hu with Suzhou and Wuxi on the north side of the lake. Huzhou is a progressive city with a sound economy and rich heritage.

Huzhou University enjoys a high prestige as a normal school. The campus is surrounded by beautiful scenery with a graceful river and a landscaped campus that lends itself to an atmosphere of learning. HCT has comfortable dormitories, full modern classroom buildings and laboratories, a large sports arena and sports field and a library that is consistently being upgraded to meet the needs of the growing population of teachers and students.

The campus lies on more than 54 hectares of the land with more than 220,000 square meters of teaching building. 12 schools are founded in the college to meet the educational needs: School of Humanities, School of Law and Business, School of Foreign Languages, School of Sciences, School of Life Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Information Engineering, School of Arts, School of Physical Education, School of Education Science and Technology, School of Adult Education, School of Qiouzhen, and 10 research institutes which offers 34 special fields of learning covering literature, law, history, economy, administration, education, science, engineering, medicine, etc. Currently the number of full-time students in attendance is 9,000 with more than 5,000 students receiving continuing education service.

Huzhou University is proud of its teaching staff. Great emphasis is put on obtaining qualified staff. The faculty has been selected from all over China and several foreign countries. Continuing education is required to keep the faculty grounded in current methodology, knowledge, social issues and economic development. A lot of faculty members have been recognized for their publishing, leadership abilities and for their excellence in teaching.

Huzhou Universitys desires to strengthen its international academic exchange program by developing cooperation with colleges and universities in China and abroad. Now we have been awarded the qualification to accept the foreign students. Professor Gu Mingyuan, the chairman of the Chinese Education Institute and advisor in the doctoral program at Beijing Normal University has been selected as the chief consultant and part-time professor at Huzhou University. Our college has established sister college relationships with a large number of colleges and universities from all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Philippine, Hong Kong and Macao . Lu Zenqi and Lu Zenyong who are the current presidents of the Asian-African Textile Company have donated money for the improvement of the educational facilities on our campus and enjoy as honorary presidents of Huzhou University.

The administration, faculty and students are proud of Huzhou University. They are all striving to make HTC comprehensive university with its own characteristics and influence on society graduating highly qualified students ready to meet the needs of a modern, rapidly developing China.

School of Law and Business:

It is a school aiming at cultivating specialists on Economy, Social Management, Information Management, Financial Management, Tourism Management, Ideology and Politics Education and who may become lawyers, law consultants and teachers in politics. Currently there are 36 qualified faulty. 17 of them are professors or assistant professors and 19 holding a MA degree. At present more than 1000 students are studying in this school.

School of Education Science and Technology:

It is a school with special characteristics in the university. Currently there are 49 teachers, 22of whom are classified as associate professors and above and 9 teachers are postgraduates. The school includes 2 departments: Elementary Education Department and Education Administration Department. The courses are primarily centered on Primary School Education, Public Administration and so on which are on a four-year basis. Another 2 majors are on three-year basis: Pre-school Children Education and Primary Education. There are currently 841 students.

School of Physical Education:

The School of Physical Education was founded in 1978. It has two four-year majors which are Physical Education and Social Physical Education. Currently there are more than 30 teachers on staff , half of whom have advance training in their specific areas of expertise. 338 students are currently enrolled in the program. There are excellent training facilities, which include gymnasiums sport stadium, exercise rooms, and a track and field playground. There are also facilities for students to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, football, body building.

School of Humanities

With the largest number of qualified teachers who are the most experienced faulty in our college , the School of Humanities distinguishes itself from other schools. There are 39 teachers in the school, of whom 9 are professors and 12 assistant professors. Among them 16 teachers are postgraduates and 3 are with doctor#s degree. Students may choose from three departments to study: Chinese Department, History Department and Mass Media Department. There are currently a total of 817 students.

School of Foreign Languages

Currently with a faculty of 67 including 7 foreign teachers and nearly 1000 students the school of Foreign Languages is one of the largest schools in Huzhou University. Among the teaching staff one third of whom are assistant professors and postgraduates. To improve its education quality, many teachers have been assigned to study abroad. There are two departments: English Department and Japanese Department. Advanced facilities including 6 phonetic labs and rich materials are available, and favorable environment has been crated for students to learn foreign languages here.

School of Arts:

The school of Arts has 70 teachers of whom 16 are assistant professors and above, 7 postgraduates and 15 lectures. Presently there are more than 650 students in the program. This school offers 5 majors of study, they are Fine Arts, Arts Design, Music Education, Music Performance, and Computer Graphic Design. The environment and teaching facilities here are perfect. The brand-new building here is like an icon which outstands itself from others.

School of Science:

The School of Sciences is one of the schools with a large scale and high level. Among the faculty of 35 teachers 51.3% are professors and assistant professors. There are currently 860 students in the school. This school has two departments, they are Mathematics Department and Physics Department including three majors, they are Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

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