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Changzhou Textile Garment Institute

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Changzhou Textile Garment Institute is a regular, fulltime, and vocational school directly subordinate to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. It was founded in 1958, which is characterized by its own specialities and leadership. At present, it covers an area of 1,000 mu with nearly 9,000 full time students. The number of students is expected to reach 10,000 in the eleventh “Five-year Development ” plan. The secretary-general of the institute#s Party Committee is Zhao Farong, and the incumbent president is Feng Guoping.

With the inspiring motto: “pursue morality, develop careers, study wholeheartedly, act wholesomely”, the institute maintains its uniqueness in its leadership, its majors with superior characteristics and its skilled students.

The institute consists of the following departments: Textile & Chemical Engineering, Art, Fashion, Business & Trade, Foreign Language, Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Computer Technology, and General Education. Within these departments there are forty-eight majors, among which yarn-dying technology and fashion design are prioritized by the Ministry of Education of China.

The institute has 450 employees, over 300 of which are well-qualified teachers. On the teaching staff there are 30 education experts who share the State Department subsidy, excellent teachers who have won the national title of top ten fashion designers, 80 senior titled teachers, and 120 “ double-typed ” teachers with both academic and practical knowledge. Besides these, the institute has also invited 40 visiting professors.

The institute also boasts all kinds of advanced teaching equipments and instruments worth 25 million Yuan, including the internationally advanced textile production design system and computer color matching system. The scientific research capacity is strong especially in the mechanical and physical quality testing and experimentation of fabric fibers; and is superior in developing, testing and analyzing dyestuff and auxiliary agents, developing new types of textile products, and designing ready-made clothes. As a result, the fruit of teaching is outstanding: the students# works and innovative achievements are frequently rewarded at municipal, provincial, and national competitions.

The institute has signed cooperation agreements with the French European-Asian Management College, I.I.S.S. D.Fioritto in Italy and Singapore Raffles International College. The Raffles-Changzhou International College was established in 2003. The two parties have jointly invested and founded six specialties: Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Multi-media Design, Fashion Marketing, and Business Administration. The college has adopted bilingual classes and the credit hour system. Students will receive a diploma and certificate from both institutions.

The achievements the institute has received these years are widely recognized by society. Consequently, it has won more than 100 glorious awards, such as the National Advanced Vocational Institute, Jiangsu Civilization Campus, and Changzhou Civilization Unit. Media such as China Education TV, Jiangsu Education TV, China Education Daily, and Xinhua Daily have acclaimed the institute#s achievements and leadership.

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