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Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology

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Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology (CZIE) is an institute of 50-year history under the management of Jiangsu provincial government. It is located in the university town of Changzhou, a well-developed historical and cultural city standing between Shanghai and Nanjing, famous for its convenient air, railway, water and other transportation facilities. The past 5 decades have witnessed the rapid development of the institute. At present, it boasts up to over 10,000 registered students and around 500 staff, of whom more than 90 have got the high rank title for professors or associate ones in China, 82.3% the medium one. And it covers over 40 specialties in six departments, ranging from engineering technology to economics and management, characterized by refined chemical engineering, construction and building materials, mechanics -electronic technology, etc.

Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology now occupies an area of about 800,000 m2 with a floor space up to 300,000m2. The total collection of the institution library reaches 260,000 volumes. And the campus is equipped with 10 modern training centers for practice, 69 academic laboratories and lots of multi-media classrooms and audio-visual ones for language learning. Convenient teaching facilities have offered a wonderful atmosphere for the students, resulting in their excellent performance in DIY and in operating modern machinery, which is always attraction to the businesses they are applying for.

Seizing firmly the opportunity for the development of higher education, CZIE is making great efforts to cultivate more and more excellent graduates for the development of China’s economy, especially for the Yangtze River Delta region.

Besides its main campus located in Changzhou University Town, CZIE has also campus in North Zhulin Road, downtown Changzhou.

CZIE has been attaching great importance to international exchange and cooperation. In the past years, the institute sent many teachers to Deutschland and Canada, etc. to carry out academic research programs. Some have returned with research achievements to become the backbone of the teaching and scientific research work of the institute.

CZIE has also invited foreign experts to give lectures on campus since the year 2000. Each year, CZIE has foreign teachers from English-speaking countries to teach Oral English. Their participation contributes to the improvement of the students’ English, especially spoken English.

Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology is an ideal place for you to work and to live. Welcome to CZIE!


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