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Guangdong University of Finance

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Guangdong University of Finance is a full-time higher advanced education institute, which has grown out of the Banking School founded in 1950 under the administration of the South-China Branch of the People#s Bank of China and was promoted to Guangzhou College of Finance in 1985. By the formal approval of the State Ministry of Education in May, 2004, it has been promoted again to Guangdong University of Finance (G.U.F.).


The University now has 7700 full-time students and 670 staff members among whom 394 are teaching staff including 30 professors, 101 associate professors and 144 lecturers. Among them 187 teachers possess a master#s degree and above: 21 doctors and 142 master#s, and in addition, there are some scholars from outside the school and specialists in the field of finance who have been being invited as guests or honored professors.


The University is divided into two campuses: Main campus (Longdong Campus) and ncwu2(1).jpg (12963 bytes)Zhaoqing Campus, occupying an area of 805 mu (54 ha.) in total with the construction area of 0.2 million sq. m.

The University#s location and environment are beautiful and fully-equipped with facilities for both teaching and life, such as a computer network center, sound labs, multi-media classrooms, electronic reading-rooms, a library with 0.6 million paper books and 0.21 million electronic books and more than 1,000 magazines and periodicals, as well as a simulated bank, a simulated stock exchange and some special labs of Finance, International Trade, Electronic, Financial Accounting, Insurance, Industrial and Commercial Management, Business English and a Financial Museum of Currencies, the richest collection in South China.


The University has set up 10 teaching departments of Finance, Accounting, Insurance, Economic Trade, Industrial and Commercial Management, Computer Science and Technology, Law, Foreign Languages, Social Science and Basic Courses with 26 majors or orientations such as Finance, International Finance, Securities Investment, Insurance, registered Accountants, Accounting and Auditing, Computer Accounting, International Accounting, Financial Affairs Management, Computer Application, Network Projects, Economical Information Management, Electronic Business, Secretary in Economy, International trade, Economics, Economic law, International Economy and Law, Industrial and Commercial Management, Human resources Management, Marketing, Business English, and Administration Management, etc, of which Insurance is a state-level demonstration major for senior vocational or training schools; Finance is a province-level demonstration major and a key major of the Headquarters of the People#s Bank of China. The first group of undergraduate majors includes Finance, Insurance, Accounting, Financial Affairs Management, Economy and Trade and Marketing.


The University has been paying much attention to scientific research by increasing more input, establishing stimulation system, selecting discipline leaders and building up scientific research institutions such as South-China Finance Research, Insurance Research, Research on Labor Economy and HRM, Research on Accounting and Auditing, Research on Industrial and Commercial Management, RegionalResearch Economy, Laws Research and Research on Computer Science and Technology, etc, forming a strong team of scientific researchers and having achieved some good results from it. In recent years, teachers of the University have taken charge of and completed 29 state-level and province-level research tasks and more than 26 bureau-level research tasks, publishing 1,900 treatises in public periodicals at home and abroad among which more than 30 treatises have been published in domestically authoritative periodicals such as Economy Research, Finance Research, Insurance Research, The Global Economy and Soft Science in China, etc, accompanied with 36 kinds of awards.


The University has increasingly strengthened international exchanges and co-operations. In May, 2004, the winner of the Nobel in Economy in 1999, Prof. Robert Mundell, the Father of the Euro, came to visit the University and was invited to become an Honored Professor of the University. The American SIGNA set up its sole LOMA Test Center in the University and some foreign higher education institutions, such as Gray Harbor College, U.S.A., London Metropolitan University, U.K. and Cobenhagan Business School, Denmark have respectively built up educational co-operation relationships with the University. Aviva, Winterthur, AXA and Sun Wah LINUX have founded premium programs for excellent teaching and learning in the University.


The University has, apart from general full-time education tasks, undertaken adult#s formal schooling education in the forms of correspondence, TV University and network education for undergraduate and non-undergraduate credentials, as well as short- term personnel training in its training centers like Guangzhou Senior Financial Personnel, Financial English, Computing, Financial Law and Regulations and Self-study Tuition. As a result the University is defined as a province-level base for continuous education in the field of finance by the Personnel Bureau of Guangdong Province Government.


ncwu2(1).jpg (12963 bytes)The University bases itself in Guangdong Province, faces the whole nation and serves the socialist construction for modernization in accordance with the principles of creating a new school-running system guided by scientific theories and constructing a distinctively-characterized major system of superior disciplines by means of taking discipline construction as its main task, talent cultivation as its core, undergraduate education as its main body and financial line as its backing. The University is planning to arrange the school into a high-level undergraduate university of application style in the fields of economy and management by keeping commercial and sociological disciplines as its mainstay, taking finance and insurance as main majors and developing in accordance with the construction of humanities and engineering studies



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