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Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) was established in June 1995 under approval by the appoval of the State Education Commission and through combination of Guangdong Institute of Technology, Guangdong Mechanical College and South China Construction College (East Campus).

Guangdong University of Technology has a history of more than 40 years. It is a multi-subject and comprehensive university offering a wide range of courses in engineering, science and technology, management and liberal arts, with emphasis on the study of engineering.

Guangdong University of Technology is a provincial key university. It has five campuses, with a total area of 1,088 mu and a floor space of 600,000 square meters.

Guangdong University of Technology is privileged to confer Doctor’s, Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees on qualified students. At present the university has 5 doctoral degree programs, 31 master degree programs, 8 engineering master degree programs and 52 bachelor degree programs.

There are 2,260 teaching and administrative staff members in the university, of whom 1,100 are faculty members including 110 professors and 438 associate professors.

The university has 15 faculties and schools. The student population is more than 20000. Besides the above daytime students, the College of Continuing Education of the university has more than 10000 part-time students. Guangdong University of Technology enrolls foreign students in different specialties and on different levels.

The university has established5 provincial-level key subjects, 2 provincial-level key labs, 12 scientific research institutes, 1 design institute, 30 research labs and 90 experiment labs. Moreover, several centers, such as the Network Center, the Computing Center, the Audio-visual Education Center, the Analytic Testing Center,the Modern Processing Center and the Center for Metal Processing Fieldwork, were also established. The total value of equipment for teaching and research reaches RMB120,000,000. For recent years, the university has undertaken a large number of research projects from the state, provinces, municipalities and enterprises and has obtained a number of great and important achievements.

The university library has a collection of over 800,000 books and magazines in more than 4,000 varieties.

Guangdong University of Technology has established academic exchanges and cooperation with nearly 30 foreign universities and research institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Poland, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

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