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Upon approval by the Ministry of Education of China, Guangzhou University (GU), was founded as a multi-disciplinary institution on July 11, 2000 by merging the tertiary institutions previously known as Guangzhou Normal University, South China Construction College (West Campus), the original Guangzhou University, Guangzhou Junior Teacher#s College. Guangzhou Education College. Guangzhou Urban Construction Workers#College,

Workers# College affllated to Guangzhou Construction Corporation, Tolecommunlcation College of Guangzhou Worker#s Union College, Guangzhou exltlle College. It is run by Guangzhou municipal government with the help of Guangdong provlnclal government. Mr.chen Wanpeng, is the Secreidry of CPC (the Communist Party of China) of the university.Mr. YuJian she, professor. Doctor, is the President of the University.

The university covers a total area of 1,000,000 square meters with a building space of 642,000 square meters in its five campuses situated respectively in Guangyuan, Guihuagang, Luhu, Qiyi Lu and Longdong. Its well-stocked library has a total collection of 1,820,000 books. GU makes Guangzhou the basis of its operations and at the same time involving itself in Guangdong Province as well as the whole of China and the outside world. While the undergraduate program remains the dominant part of its operation, GU is fully committed to consolidating and expanding its postgraduate programs and spares no efforts in developing vocational technical higher education with the support of social resources.

The University comprises 14 schools, faculties and colleges including School of Economics and Management, School of Law, School of Education, School of Humanities, School of Foreign Studies, School of Art & Design, School of Science, School of Information & Electro-mechanical Engineering, School of Biology & Chemistry Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Architecture & Urban Planning, School of Tourism (Sino-French School of Tourism), School of Continuing Education (Part-time Education Department), School of Sports. The university is currently authorized to run nine postgraduate programs including Principles of Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Condensed State Physics, Applied Mathematics, Specialized History, Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, Disaster Prevention&Maintenance Engineering, Heat Supply, Gas Supply, Ventilation & Air-conditioning Engineering, and Natural Geography.

It also offers 41 undergraduate programs with a disciplinary coverage of 8 categories including literature, science, engineering, economics, management, law, education and history. As an university of a considerable size, GU has a total staff of 2,751 including four academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 97 full professors, 622 associate professors, of whom 78 are Ph.D holders.

The university#s current full-time postgraduates, undergraduates and diploma students number 20,845 while its part-time students total 16,700. The university also enrolls students from overseas and Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan. The university has up to 46 research institutes/centers specializing in a wide range of subjects including Computer Network Centre, Institute for Computer Science & Software Research, International Exchange Center of Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence, Earthquake Engineering Research Test Centre, Institute for Material Research, Institute for Higher Education Research, etc.

GU features diversity in its operation. It has so far established a number of cooperative educational entities including Sontan College, College of Urban Construction Technology, College of Textile Industry, College of Science & Trade, Huaruan Software College, College of Municipal Works & Construction.
 Academic exchanges and cooperation with the outside world have always been an important part of the university#s operation. GU has so far established cooperative relationships in a wide range with universities and academic institutions in such countries as the U. S. A, Australia, France, Russia, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, and in the regions like Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao.

In order to adapt itself to the social and economic development of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou in the new century, GU has formulated its"10th Five-Year Plan". By advancing its work in all areas and optimizing the use of its resources, the university#s operation has been greatly enhanced and a solid foundation for progress by leaps and bounds has been laid. With the construction of the University City, and with the university united as a team, GU is now fully committed to the mission of developing itself into a modern, and comprehensive university with an open outlook and local characteristics for production talents of highly practical strength, becoming one of Guangdong Province#s key universities, and joining China#s leading tertiary institutions of its type in the nearest future.


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