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Hanshan Normal University

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Hanshan Normal University, a school with long history and profound culture, is run by the government of Guangdong Province. It was established in Qing dynasty in 1903, which was the first school to train teachers in Guangdong and was one of the earliest normal schools in China.Hanshan Normal University has cultivated a good tradition and a excellent school spirit of working hard at teaching and learning in order to be worthy of the name of teacher, and has trained large number of talented people for Guangdong elementary education and all circles of society for over 100 years.

The school is situated in Chaozhou City----- a state historic and cultural city, which is known as “a Renowned Prefecture in East Guangdong”. In recent years, because of the development of garment industry and ceramics craft, Chaozhou has become a new and developing famous city known as “ City of World Evening & Wedding Dress” and “ Chinese Porcelain Town”,”China Excellent Tourism City”,”Home of Chaozhou Cuisine”. Chaozhou has unique folk customs such as Chao embroidery, wedding gown, Chaozhou cuisine, Chaozhou Gongfu Tea,Chaozhou handicraft and ceramic craft, which are made known around world over by Chaozhou overseas Chinese. The climate here is excellent, it is an ideal place for teaching, study abroad, holiday and tourism.

The school has 11 departments such as Institute of Mathematics and IT, Institute of Political Science and Law, the Chinese Language and Literature Department, the Department of Physics & Electronic Engineering, the Foreign Language Department and the Education Science Department. They contain 35 specialities such as Chinese language and literature, radio and television news, computer science and technology, electronic information science and technology. By the year 2006, the school has 10091 full-time students on campus and 11371 students for adult education.

The school has abundant qualified teachers. Now, it has 749 teachers, 35% of whom have received masters degrees and 40% of whom possess high-ranking academic titles, 16 specialists like Rao Zongyi, the famous Sinologist, are engaged as visiting professors.

The school campus covers an area of 1,000,000 square meters and has buildings with a total building area of 400,000 square meters. It is situated at the foot of Hanshan and besides the HangjiangRiver with an easy reach to some places of historical interest and tourist attraction such as Hanwen Memorial Temple and Xiangzi Bridge.

There are more than 50 modern labs for teaching and scientific research.The modernized weinan International Conference Center has a seating capacity of 500 with advanced equipment for synchronous interpreting in 4 languages. The large comprehensive documentary center ---- the school library, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, has a collection of more then 680,000 Chinese and foreign books,more than 2000 Chinese and foreign periodicals,220,000 electronic books and 6000 electronic periodicals. It is now under the computerized management. The Campus Net covers the whole school with Internet terminals. It is convenient for information exchange.

Two sports grounds, one gymnasium, one comprehensive training hall, one basketball hall, one swimming pool, one tennis hall and the students’ activity center and performance center have found application for physical education, training and entertainment.

The school provides foreign students with a pleasant environment for study and living, you can appreciate Chaozhou’s unique folk custom and try our unique delicacies----Chaozhou cuisine and visit the “ ChinesePorcelainTown”---- ChaozhouCity.

Hanshan Normal University is a nice place for you to study abroad and to continue your academic pursuits, you are warmly welcome here.



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