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Ningbo Foreign Language School (NBFLS) is a full-time school approved by Ningbo municipal government office in 1991 and filed by State Education Department, provincial Government Office, provincial Economy Planning Committee and provincial Education Department accordingly. It’s run by Xiaoshi Middle School (Xiaoshi) with the same teaching and administrative staff. In 1999, it was accepted as the 18th member school of the National Foreign Language School Association. In 2000, it was approved by the municipal government that NBFLS would be funded by non-state forces and experience a transitional period in Xiaoshi. In September 2005, NBFLS was relocated to the present site, 26 Yucai Road, and is still run by Xiaoshi.

Over the past fifteen years, NBFLS has been exploring new ways to run well a foreign language school, guided by the state educational policies and based on the theories put forth by the State Education Department. Our aims are to help students to form scientific attitudes to knowledge, and to initiate actively the pioneering spirit of practical innovations. Following the laws of developing youths and meeting the demands of society, we’ve created an atmosphere for students to develop their own personalities.

Over the past fifteen years, NBFLS has received several visiting delegations of teachers and students from the States, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Germany and has established friendship with HopkingsSchool in the U.S.A., PerthCollege in Scotland, YishunJunior College, ChineseHigh School and Nanyang Girls’ High School in Singapore. More than 30 teachers in NBFLS have been sent to the U.S.A., the UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore to advance their language ability as well as their view of culture.

Since 1991, NBFLS has witnessed the graduation of 1638 junior students, among whom about 1200 students have been enrolled in Xiaoshi High School, and up till 2005, 797 students have graduated from Xiaoshi, of whom 90% went to prestigious universities in China. Besides, since 1996, 48 NBFLS junior graduates have won the scholarship given by the Singaporean government and have been admitted to Chinese High School and Nanyang Girls’ High School in Singapore, of whom more than 20 students have been accepted by world-famous universities, such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT in America, Cambridge University, Oxford University in Britain and Singapore State University for their bachelors, masters or doctorate degrees.

With the support of Ningbo municipal government and Ningbo municipal Education Bureau, and with the concern of all the citizens in Ningbo, NBFLS will embark on a new journey at its new campus aiming to be the top school in Ningbo.

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Introduction to NBFLS

Offers to foreign teachers:

1. All oral classes. No more than 16 classes per week, each period lasting 45 minutes.

2. Daytime classes fromMonday to Friday, no extra class on weekends.

3. 4000-5500 RMB monthly salary, paid during contract duration. Summer and winter holidays discounted.

4. Travel expense paid upon completion of each semester’s teaching: 1000 RMB.

5. A round-trip air fare is covered for a one-year contract. For one semester or less, a one-way air trip is covered.

6. Free private accommodation on campus provided with all the modern conveniences. (Internet connection is provided, but no computer. Telephone calls and the electricity paid by the foreign teacher.)

7. Adequate medical insurance paid by the school.


1. Applicants from English-speaking countries aged between 25 and 55 are welcome, American and British nationalities preferred.

2. A bachelor’s degree or above. A TEFL or TESL certificate preferred.

3. Applicants must be in good health.

4. Appreciative of the Chinese culture and friendly to the Chinese colleagues and students.

5. Materials needed:

a. a resume with all the necessary information and means of contact

b. a clear copy of the valid passport with the photo

c. a clear copy of the highest academic certificate

d. a clear copy of TEFL or TESL certificate if available

e. a recommendation letter from the ex-employer

f. other proof of work competence

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