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Beijing Chinese Business Institute (BCBI)

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The Beijing Chinese Business Institute (BCBI) is a technical secondary institute cooperating with Holmesglen Australia and was founded in September 1994. As the cradle of multiplex people of ability and entrepreneurs, it has been qualified to offer the diploma of the technical secondary institute for the educational system of three and four years, and a higher vocational education of five and six years.

The institute has a south campus and a north campus. The North Campus is in Beijing Materials Institute, occupying an area of 350 Mu. The building area is 89000 S.M., in which 10650 S.M. is invested by BCBI; the direct use of the area is over 30000 S.M. The South Campus is located in Yunqiao Jiayuan of Tongzhou District. The occupying area is 55 Mu. The total building area is 20000 S.M. The two campuses are both over 10 kilometers from the city center. There is convenient transport to both campuses from the city center by bus, which only takes 20 minutes.

The campus environment is beautiful. It has a team of well-qualified teachers and employees. In the institute, there are 5 computerised rooms, 2 flexible learning centers (FLC), 2 phonetics rooms, 4 art rooms, 2 electrical rooms, 3 physics, chemistry and biology labs, 2 libraries, 1 office equipment room and other specialized classrooms, Commerce, Commercial English, Commercial Drawing and Arts etc. The institute offers more than ten majors. The goal of the institute is to produce strong in hand, problem-solving, multi-skilled students.

The International business English Course is a co-operative program with the Holmesglen Institute of Melbourne, Australia, which is one of the most comprehensive public institutes in Australia. The Foreign Affairs Section of Beijing Municipal Educational Committee has approved this program. This Sino-Australia program aims to offer opportunities for students of junior, senior, and professional middle school graduates to study abroad making use of the educational resources of Australia. It also offers the students Australian English Language Intensive Courses and the business certificate courses, as well as the opportunity to study for Masters Degree in Australia, so as to get out Advanced International Business Management intellectuals with a good a command of English.

The specialized course adopts the Australian teaching materials with a 3-year course during the secondary stage. Foreign teachers and Chinese teachers share the courses jointly. There is an integration of Chinese traditional teaching methods and those from the English-speaking countries in the teaching practice, and which attaches importance on helping students to improve their competencies in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Successful students will obtain the ELICOS international English certificate ranged from level 1 to 4. At the completion of Year Two, students will participate in a foreign business course in their third and final year. After graduation from this secondary specialized education, students are given the opportunity of learning international business college courses either in Australia or in BCBI for two years. What#s more, BCBI offers courses in the following 2 specialties as well: the 4-year secondary Specialized Business English Secretary and Commercial English Accounting.

Sticking to the principles of strict discipline, students are secluded from outside disturbances and distraction, refining and cultivating the students qualities in an open education style. BCBI has been enjoying rapid progress, and has provided every conceivable equipment, adequate for teaching. BCBI also takes into account the concerns expressed by the community and sees its reputation increasing all over the country. More than 10 overseas schools have been exchanging programs with BCBI, and over 20 colleges, universities and other educational institutions have sent their delegations to the school.

BCBI is a model polytechnic school in Beijing. Business is one of the specialized subjects. The school has been awarded the Capital Civilization School and National Middle School Moral Education Advanced Group in 2000. It is also one of the National Computer Level Exam centers and training center of some national units.
             Based on the high quality and characteristic of teaching BCBI has been existing and developing. With the successful advancement and down-to earth style of working BCBI is expected to be the top-level institute of China.

The Beijing Times Secondary College (BTSC) is a newly accredited College offering general education to students from years 7 to 12. The BTSC is a boarding College; students and staff are accommodated on campus

 The BTSC is a progressive College providing students with the opportunity to study English language and global education programs such as the Australian VCE, in English. Students have the option of continuing further studies in Australia in year 12 or degree programs at the Charles Sturt University. The college is located in the Tongzhou district approximately 20 minutes from the centre of Beijing

The Xing Tai Institute is located in the city of XingTai approximately 400 kilometers from Beijing. The University has undergone an extensive rebuilding program and is now a modern progressive University offering additional programs in general English and the Diploma in International Business. Students who complete the diploma have the option of further degree study in Australia at the Charles Sturt University. Teachers are accommodated on campus in modern facilities.

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