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Beijing University of Chemical Technology

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Beijing University of Chemical Technology



Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology was founded in 1958 and became Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) in 1994. The university was under the control of the former Ministry of Chemical Industry until 1998 when it was transferred to the Ministry of Education. Originally founded as a technological university, BUCT has developed into a comprehensive university with engineering retained as a core discipline with the addition of science, arts, law, management and economics to the core curriculum. Over 50,000 students have graduated from the university to date.

BUCT consists of ten Colleges, one state Key Laboratory, one StateEngineeringResearchCenter, four Ministerial Key Laboratory and three MinisterialEngineeringResearchCenters. The ten colleges are Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Life Science and Technology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Information Science and Technology, Science, Economic Management, Humanity and Law, Further Education, Vocational Education.

The university is composed of three campuses. The main campus is conveniently located on the eastern section of the North Third Ring Road, southeast of the Asian Games Village, with a quiet and attractive environment. The west campus near the Shangri-La Hotel enjoys an advantageous location on the central section of the West Third Ring Road, and the north campus is near the Ming Tombs, a famous scenic spot.

There are three Postdoctoral Programs, 24 PhD specialties, 50 Masters Programs and 41 Bachelor programs currently on offer in the university. Six of the programs have received accreditation as key courses at state level and a further 21 at ministerial or provincial level. In addition there is one NationalCenter for Fundamental Teaching in Engineering.

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In addition to courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students, BUCT also provides training programs in continuing education and for international students. Around 20,000 students in all are currently studying at BUCT. More than 1,800 staff members work on campus including over 600 full and associate professors, eight academicians of the country and five Cheung Kong Scholars as specially appointed professors by the Ministry of Education.

In the past few years, staff at BUCT have successfully completed over 3,000 research and development projects, more than 300 of which have received awards at provincial and ministerial level or above. In 2002, the total research income was 200 million Yuan. Research income per academic staff member is amongst the top rank of higher education institutes in China. BUCT places considerable emphasis on international exchanges and cooperation and currently has formal agreements with over 47 universities and companies abroad.

By virtue of its commitment to both extending the scope and enhancing the quality of its teaching and research, whilst at the same time retaining its own special characteristics, BUCT aims to become one of the leading Chinese universities in the 21st century.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology is a wonderful place to work and to live. We sincerely welcome foreign teachers to BUCT to teach. We are looking forward to working with you!

 BUCT is looking for qualified teachers in the following categories:

1 English Teachers for undergraduate students with English major

 Job Descriptions:

  • 12-14 academic hours per week

  • Student English level: intermediate to advanced.

  • Subjects: Literature, Journalism, Western History, Oral English, Basic Writing, Advanced Writing and English Speech skills.

 Teaching Location: North Campus in Chang Ping District (60 kilometers away from the Tian’anmen Square).

 Required Qualifications:

  • Native English speakers

  • Minimum degree of BA in Education or Literature

  • Must have a demonstrated knowledge in the subject matter being taught

  • Previous experience in a similar position preferable

  • Must have the ability to maintain an effective classroom atmosphere

  • Strong communication skills with students

  • Clear and pleasant teaching manner

  • Committed and with a high level of team working spirit

 2 English Teachers for graduate students with engineering majors

Job Descriptions:

  • 14-18 academic hours per week

  • Student English level: intermediate to advanced.

  • Subjects: oral English, English Writing, Professional English Writing.

 Teaching Location: East Campus in Chao Yang District (15 kilometers away from the Tian’anmen Square)

 Required Qualifications for Oral English teachers:

  • Native English speakers

  • Must have Bachelor or Master degree,

  • Previous experience in a similar position preferable

  • Clear pronunciation and intonation,

  • Strong communication skills with students

  • Must have the ability to maintain an effective classroom atmosphere

  • Able to use different

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