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China Three Gorges University

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Two universities merged to form China Three Gorges University (CTGU ) in 2000 inYichang, Hubei Province. Among its colleges, the history of the Normal College can be traced back to 1946. Yichang is a city of 4 million population, located in the East mouth of the Three Gorges. It is well known for hydroelectricity, the Three Gorges Project, and also for its tourism attractions. CTGU is a comprehensive university, which teaches a wide range of disciplines, enrolls students from all over the country as well as international abroad students, and puts lots of efforts to improve and develop the hydroelectric field of study.

China Three Gorges University:

CTGU has the largest scale and the widest range of specialties in the HubeiProvince. It consists of 12 colleges covering the following fields:

Synopsis of CTGU :

 Location:Yichang Surface:1,910,000 ?O Floor space:1,040,000 ?O Number of students:20,760 Number of International students:193 Number of staff members:2336 Number of full-time teachers:1198 Number of colleges:12 Number of majors:48 (for Undergraduate studies)31 (for Postgraduate studies) Library:1,956,000 volumes (books and periodicals)


CTGU has 10 Ministerial / Provincial Key Laboratories & Research Bases such as:

  • Hydroelectric Energy Engineering,

  • Hazard Protection & Environment,

  • Information Technology & Control Engineering,

  • The Three Gorges Culture & Tourism,

  • Life Science & Biological Technology.

In addition, the university owns 49 research institutes such as:

  • Architecture Design Institute (national #2),

  • Civil Engineering,

  • Electrical Engineering,

  • Resettlement and Environmental Engineering,

  • Three Gorges Culture,

  • Development and Research on Natural herbs of the Three Gorges area.

The university takes advantage of the location and endeavors to serve the hydroelectric industry, local economic and social development by implementing the principle of combining production, study and research. In recent 3 years, the university has undertaken and completed 1075 research items at all kinds of levels, and achieved a number of science and technology achievements, which reach the international level and first-class national level, especially in the construction a lot to the Three Gorges Project and the development of Qingjiang river.

CTGU has already established cooperative relationships with 45 universities in the foreign countries such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom, and so on. The cooperations extend to teaching, scientific research and student exchanges. So far, the cooperations have greatly improved scientific research and talent cultivation.

CTGU puts stress on the development of the key disciplines and key laboratories, improves its organizational structure, and eventually forms five subject groups including hydroelectric energy engineering, hazard protection and environment, information technology and control engineering, the Three Gorges culture and tourism, and life science and biological technology. Now the university endeavors to develop the education of postgraduates and to improve the level of teaching, scientific research, and administration.

By 2010, CTGU will recruit over 30,000 full-time undergraduates, postgraduate and foreign students, and institute a group of key subjects (key laboratories) at the provincial and state level, and doctoral and master programs. We firmly believe that in the near future,CTGUwill be built into a new university town, full of the flavor of a new century, with the distinctive features of hydroelectric engineering and the Three Gorges culture, first-class architecture and facilities, and an excellent environment.


CTGU is located in Yichang, Hubei province. Yichang is a 8,000-year-old city on Yangtze River, at the entrance of Xilin Gorge (east mouth of the Three Gorges). This area is also famous for its wonderful landscapes:

  • the Three Gorges,

  • Shen Nongjia,

  • QingjiangRiver,

  • Qu Yuan,

  • Wang Zhaojun's hometown,

  • the ancient battlefields of the Three Kingdoms,...

It is also renowned for the hydroelectric projec

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