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Zhejiang Echo English

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Echo English was founded under the name ‘Jump Start Kids’ in July 2007 by Barbara, a Canadian living in Hangzhou. Barbara’s initial concept was to create a warm and playful world in which children could play, draw and sing songs alongside native English speaking foreign teachers, enabling them to grasp the English language easily. In this school there would be no arduous studying; only joyful and natural practice which would emulate the methods children use to learn their mother tongue in the study of English.

In 2008 Barbara had to return to Canada for personal reasons, and she decided to entrust the school to her likeminded friend, Shirley Jin. In order to highlight the school’s emphasis on oral English, Shirley Jin changed the name of the school to Echo English in 2009. From humble beginnings where the only students at the school were Barbara’s own children, Echo English’s student body has grown to several hundred students, all of whom stand testament to the styles and methods of Echo English.


In 2010, the number of Echo English’s students at Binjiang Campus reached 700. In addition to this Echo completed a second campus in Xiaoshan with a total area of 1500 square meters in July 2011.

All staff at Echo English will always devote their attentions into providing comprehensive youth education at services of a very high quality.

Echo English has been well received by society as one of the best English training schools in eastern China due to its high quality facilities as well as its scientific and proven teaching methods.

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