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Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College

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QingdaoOceanshippingmarinersCollege, established in 1976, is affiliated with and operated byChinaOceanshipping Companies (better known as COSCO Group ). It is one of the institutions of higher learning. It is officially authorized by the Ministry of Education to enroll students for formal college schooling, as well as being No.1 training center in china for preparing seamen to work aboard foreign vessels. The college campus, picturesque and tastefully laid out, is located inQingdao, a renowned coastal city, nestling at the foot of the undulating hills and overlooking the azure seas.

Over the years, the college has been guided by the spirit of  “Our main goal is to meet the needs of COSCO, and teaching work is the most important of all the vital college work; and teaching and upgrading our teaching is the everlasting theme of the college”. The three special features highlighted in the daily life of the college are exemplary work ethics, proficient use of English, and accomplishment in practical skills. We strive to attain first---rate training standards, first---rate efficiency in college operation, first---rate management standards and first---rate campus ethics,” In 1996, the college was the very first in China to pass the authentication of Quality Assurance System ISO9001,     and in 1997, the college was awarded the honorable title of the exemplary school in the national assessment of the institutions of higher learning for adult education .

The college can boast an excellent faculty and has a current faculty and support staff population of 470,including more than 100 high-level professionals. More than 80 teachers possess certificates of competence for positions as ship officers and engineers working aboard ocean-going vessels. At present, the college has a current student population of 2,400, with full-time instructors numbering 210. At present, as well, the college has a Nautical Dept. a Marine Engineering Dept. a Dept. of Managerial Science and a Dept. of Foreign Languages. These departments include specialties, such as marine navigation, marine engineering, marine electrical equipment management, the integration of marine engineering and electrical control system, marine radio communications, international shipping management and international financial accounting management, computerization of accounting and the application and maintenance of the computer.

The college has a campus area of 213 mu and over 100,000 square meters of floor space and its library stocks 30,000 volumes. In addition to 40 laboratories and 9 audio-visual classrooms, the college is well provided with the most up-to-date teaching facilities including a large-scale navigation manoeuvring simulator, an anti-collision radar simulator, marine engine plant simulator, a global maritime distress and safety system, an automated engine room and a planetarium. Various kinds of teaching instruments and installation altogether number 1,200 pieces and the giant facilities alone number 50 pieces. The college ranks foremost in terms of teaching facilities in all the maritime universities and colleges acrossChina.

The college has incorporated in its teaching syllabus and training program the adult education of higher learning, vocational education of higher learning and formal college schooling. It has developed a complete training system of multi-levels, types and specifications. As many as 50 specialized vocational courses are offered such as marine electricity, GMDSS, large vessel manoeuvring, advanced medical treatment and nursing, advanced fire-fighting, ship and helicopter operation, basic knowledge about marine safety. The college offers various kinds of short-term training courses such as for international carriage of goods, international container transport, multimodal transport, shipping law, marine cost control, computer science and financial accounting. In Oct.1999, the college was accredited as having the requisite qualifications to issue the certificates to TBA trainees who have passed the exam and these certificates have been ratified by the State Commission of Economy and Trade.




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