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On a look out for a rewarding as well as well as prestigious and HIGH PAYING teaching post that allows you to network with educators and decision makers who can further your teaching career in Korea and abroad? Look no further!

ESL Job Network in partnership with the Korean Ministry of Education and education boards NATIONWIDE invite degree holders and Associate grads from English speaking countries to teach at Korean public schools for school year 2010-2011.

Enjoy the prestige and job security of working for the Korean Ministry of Education. Remuneration and perks are the highest offered in the market today at almost 3,000,000KRW for exemplary teachers TAX FREE! Gain access to numerous positions nationwide today and be represented by a duly licensed and accredited HR firm directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.

Application Dossiers emailed to us are accessed by education board personnel NATIONWIDE such as the metropolitan and regional education boards including the autonomous island of Jeju City, independent school districts as well as the Ministry of Education’s NIIED (National Institute for International Education).

As our candidate, we afford you to maintain your visibility amongst numerous applicants. Bear in mind that the industry is immensely popular and you are globally competing against those who have applied and those who will- both based locally and overseas.


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