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Nanjing Audit University

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                                  School motto: “honesty, truth pursuing, diligence and devotion to public duty”

Known as “Jiangnan (southern land to Yangtze river) pageant, Jinling (ancient name of Nanjing city) imperial state”, the beautiful and time-honored city of Nanjing is the place where Nanjing Audit University (NAU) is located. As the capital of Jiangsu Province in the most developed Yangtze River Delta economic zone of China, Nanjing boasts its 6000-year history of civilization as an ancient city established 2400 years ago. Since it was the capital of China for ten dynasties, Nanjing is listed as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China along with Beijing, Xi’an and Luoyang. Founded in 1983, Nanjing Audit University is a financial institution of higher learning characterized by the discipline of auditing, with mutually supported disciplines of economics, management, law, language and literature, and science and engineering. Mainly supervised by Jiangsu Education Department, NAU is under the joint guidance of Jiangsu Province and China National Audit Office. Since its establishment, NAU has cultivated over 20000 audit personnel with high professional qualities for national audit institutions, financial systems, other governmental sectors, the “Big Four” accounting firms, as well as enterprises and civil service institutions.


Currently, there are over 18000 full-time students on NAU’s two campuses of Mochou and Pukou that covers a total area of 2200 mu. The university owns school buildings that measure 470000 m2 of floor space and also various equipments that cost more than 80 million RMB, among which 60 million RMB of equipments are for teaching and research purposes. The NAU library has a total collection of over 1.1 million volumes of printed books, 530000 electronic books and subscribes to over 3000 different domestic and foreign newspapers, periodicals and journals.


NAU presently has a total number of more than 1300 faculty and staff members. Among the NAU’s high level contingent of 750 full-time teachers there are 84 professors and 250 associate professors. The university consists of 15 schools and departments which offer 25 undergraduate programs. The specialty of auditing is recognized as a National Key Specialty and a Brand Specialty in Jiangsu Higher Learning Institutions, the specialty of finance a Key Brand Specialty in Jiangsu Higher Learning Institutions, and the specialties of cameralistics and information system are listed as Key Characteristic Specialties in Jiangsu Higher Learning Institutions.
The university has set up several dynamic research institutes including Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Audit Information Engineering, Development Research Centre of Internal Audit in China, Research Institute of Public Administration and Performance Evaluation, Institute of National Economics, and Institute of Higher Education, etc. Up to now, NAU has taken a leading position in conducting research work in the fields of basic auditing theory, fixed asset investment auditing and internal control. A number of NAU faculty has participated in the study and establishment of laws and regulations in government auditing and internal auditing standards.


NAU holds the belief of “unique feature, quality, and internationalization” and always adheres to the concept of conducting characteristic-oriented education. Supported by professional superiority in the field, NAU makes great efforts to build up a comprehensive professional platform of audit performances. Besides, by enhancing the demonstrating, influencing and penetrating power of auditing in integrative discipline construction and strengthening the function of audit education and research in serving the society, NAU has built up predominance in certain aspects, namely, the university has the largest scale of auditor education, reasonably structured contingent of auditing teachers, full-scale choices for auditing specialty minors, reliable sites for auditing education and practice, cutting edge research in auditing, abundant information resources for auditing, active overseas academic exchange in auditing, remarkable effect in serving the audit of China, prominent social influence in audit education, high quality in cultivating auditors. NAU has undoubtedly become the cradle for audit personnel, the frontier of auditing culture construction, the front line of auditing theory research, last but not least, the bridge for international academic exchange in auditing.


NAU has established academic exchange and cooperation relationships with the auditing institutions, higher learning institutions and professional organizations in over 10 countries such as USA, UK, France, Canada, etc. Furthermore, NAU has developed the joint education of undergraduate program and international operation qualification, the “3+1” Sino-foreign partnership education and become the partnership university (there are three levels of participation for colleges and universities, known as Entry, Partner and Elite) of the IAEP (Internal Audit Education Partnership) Program that is officially endorsed by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). So far, NAU is the only university throughout China that participates in this program.


As the unique higher learning institution named after “audit” in the world, NAU has upheld the guiding principles “To strengthen, solidify and optimize our university with outstanding scientific research, contingent of talents and characteristics on the solid base of high quality education” and fully promoted a consistent and sustainable development in the scale, structure, quality and performance of the university. NAU will spare no effort to build itself into a famous university with substantial influence and features.


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