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Hai Hui Middle School

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Location and Culture:
 Jingmen is located in the center of Hubei province. As a result of it’s central location, transportation to and from it is very convenient. The city’s latitude ranges from 110o 51’ to 112o 42’ and it’s longitude is from 30o 32’ to 31o 36’. Since ancient times, people have said that Jingmen is a significant city because when traveling through Hubei you must pass through it. To the far north are Beijing and Nanjing, to the south is Hunan province, to the far east is Shanghai and to the west is Sichuan province. The cultures of Sichuan, Shanxi, Henan and Hubei provinces are all found in Jingmen city. Many important roads and the Han River pass through Jingmen facilitating easy traveling.

Jingmen has a long history and a strong culture. Initial roots of the Chu minority can be traced back to Jingmen. Jingmen is a famous cultural city. There are cultural relics dating back over 4600 years. The Chu and Han dynasty tombs are called the “Chu Cultural Underground Treasures.” The greatest Ming Dynasty Emperor’s tomb is also found in Jingmen. There is a mummy, from over 2300 years ago, that is still in excellent condition. This mummy has been named a national treasure. There are also bamboo strips with Chinese writing found in Guodian (an area in Jingmen) which have intrigued Chinese scholars from all over the world. The tower on the East Mountain was built in the Sui Dynasty and the Long Quan Library was built in the Qing Dynasty.

Jingmen has both natural scenic spots and historically significant sites. These sites, such as the Zhang River and the Ming Dynasty tombs, are becoming increasingly popular in China. Many ancient tales are based in Jingmen. A famous poet named Song Yu being born in Jingmen and subsequently many poets have visited for inspiration.

The School:

Hai Hui Middle School is a public junior middle school in Jingmen, Hubei. It is located at 15 Hai Hui Road. There are 47 classes and 2710 students. It is equipped with laboratories for the science classes, computer rooms and a rubber track. The school has technologically advanced offices and its teachers use modern teaching methods. It is a model school in Hubei province. Additionally, it’s an experimental school, with regards to its teaching methods. In 2003, the government of Hubei gave Hai Hui the distinction of being safe, civilized, inspirational and a model school for the western regions in China. In all of China there are 200 famous model schools. Hai Hui is ranked 4th out of the 50 model schools in Hubei province.

The Headmaster:

Headmaster Xie is a 42 years old member of the Communist Party. He is the first man to self-nominate himself for the position of headmaster. After graduating from a university, he has become a highly qualified teacher. Despite his young age, he was given the distinction of being a superior teacher. As well as excelling in his management position in the education office, he researched primary school education. He has published over 30 articles in famous magazines and newspapers. He has helped with the compilation of material for over ten different types of textbooks. In addition to being the headmaster, he is currently the head secretary of the office of educational research and an advisor to help improve the education in the western regions of China.

Thoughts on Education:

Everything that is done at Hai Hui Middle School should help to develop both the teachers and the students. The aim of Hai Hui is to be the most famous and modern middle school in Hubei province. The students should be self-confident, polite and have a broad base of knowledge. The teachers should use individual teaching styles to develop the students in all aspects of their lives.

The Teachers:

The teachers are expected to constantly learn more about the subject that they teach and develop their teaching styles. All the teachers are continuously updated of the standards of education and the advances in classroom technology. The young teachers are tutored by more experienced teachers, helping to develop them into self-sufficient, successful teachers. Currently, there are 137 teachers. One hundred and twenty-five of them have received special recognitions for their teaching abilities. Seventeen foreign teachers have been employed since receiving permission to invite foreigners.

Special Characteristics:

The school encourages its teachers to constantly develop themselves into better teachers.The teachers are patient, self-confident, knowledgeable and ambitious. Some teachers are also involved in research. Great progress has been made by these teachers on subjects such as normal childhood psychology and physics education. The school also provides enrichment for the students through after school clubs, organizations and activities.


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