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Huanggang Polytechnic College

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Huanggang Polytechnic College is a comprehensive college approved by the Ministry of Education. It has accumulated more than 50 years of experience in vocational education. Ms.Chen Zhili, vice chairman of Standing Committee of the National People #s Congress of China, and former Minister of Education, highly commended the College for its contribution to vocational education during her inspection of the college in 1999.
 The College is located in the suburb of Huangzhou, a famous city in Chinese history, now a district of Huanggang City, hometown to hundreds of famous generals. It is an area rich in human resources, geography and culture. Within easy access to the College are the Beijing –Jiulong Railway, the Huanggang Yangtze Bridge and the Eastern Hubei-Jiangbei Expressway. Close by, the Yangtze River and the Bashui River intersect, all of which serves to provide a very convenient transportation network. At present, the College occupies about 200 acres of land, with a total floor area of about 300,000 square meters in the teaching buildings, more than 600,000 assorted books, more than 2,200 computers, 103 labs and practice centers ‘‘on campus’’, of which 35 are state-of-the-art labs. There are also 46 centers and bases for practice and training “off campus”.

Some of the bases are of national caliber. The College consists of nine departments, 2 sections, an adult education school and the Dandelion School of International Relations. The College has more than 10,000 resident students and 600 full time teachers (200 of whom are professors or associated professors). The College has invited more than a dozen well-known academics and professors from Renmin University of China, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Huazhong Agricultural University as visiting professors to give series of classes and lectures to the students. Also, the College invites 10 Foreign English Teachers to teach on campus every year. In recent years, the teachers from this College have published more than 300 academic theses in national and provincial publications and more than 400 books for teaching resources, including some monographs; presented several dissertations at international academic conferences; and undertaken 30 national and provincial scientific research projects. Thus, based on the historic and cultural deposits of the Yangtze Valley, Huanggang Polytechnic College has reached both national and international status, and will be one of the major components of the educational system in China.

Since its establishment in 1999, Huanggang Polytechnic College adheres to the following motto: “Thrive by developing individual characteristics, give students ongoing support for their stepping out into society, and orient the educational program more towards the human resource market.”
 The following 10 areas of focus give the College its main character and definition:

1. Enrollment (broad-based) – The College attracts students from 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. There are even students from 28 different minorities.
 2. High Employment Rate – In 2003, the employment rate among the graduates was 98.1% (exceeding the average rate of its college counterparts by more than 40%). In 2004, it was 98.7%. This drew a commendation by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education. In 2005, it was 98.65%, again one of the highest among all the colleges in Hubei.

Alumni employment bases have been widely set up in such developed area as Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Beijing by the College and they are renewed based on their success rate of student placement. The situation for students who get jobs is like this: 80% of the students are working in their field of study; 60% of the positions are for secretaries, technicians and section management. During probation, 70% of the students get 900 Yuan per month, 15% of them receive over 1500 Yuan; 15% of them more than 2000 Yuan. In 2004, experts from Hubei Provincial Department of Education inspected and evaluated the employment placement strategies of the College and their success rate. Their conclusions were: The leaders were actively involved; good organization was in place; the employment market was adequately enlarged enough; the employment rate was obviously high.

The College has kept its word: Graduating students who have a good personality, good grades, and a strong DIY ability, will be highly recommended for appropriate positions and job opportunities as long as they are willing and have the support and approval of their parents.
 3. Top Quality Teaching – Since its establishment, the College has successfully passed a series of evaluations organized by the Provincial Department of Education. These include evaluations for initial logistic reform, library modernization, lab construction, and more specifically for “Professional-Level Running”. There are only 14 colleges in Hubei who have passed this evaluation. In recent years, the College has carried on a three-part “Strengthening Work” strategy. This includes 1) strengthening teacher qualities; 2) strengthening the specialties; and 3) strengthening the students’ techniques – DIY (‘do it yourself’).

The College is active in the ‘professional development’ of teachers, the updating of the course curricula, and the integration of the textbooks with the courses. The positive results to date are very gratifying. The number of students who take part in Practical English Test for Colleges, College English Test and National Computer Rank Examinations is the highest in Hubei. The picture is the same for its accumulative rate of pass. In 2005, the number of students from this College who took the National Computer Rank Examinations and their rate of pass, put them in first place in all of Hubei.
 4. Students’ Professional Skills & Awards - The College focuses on helping students develop professional skills. This includes the ability to work well independently (DIY – ‘do it yourself’). This skill has resulted in numerous awards from many competitions. The College also focuses on teaching the “content” required for obtaining various certificates. Each department of the College has a lab building, within each department the more popular “majors” have their own training base whit a lab which has passed the provincial evaluation as “best quality”.

In 2003, a student from the College obtained the Advanced Automation Certificate in CITT and that was the first one who passed the Exam in Hubei. In 2004, the students from the College also received wonderful grades in National Electronics Competition, Digital Control Competition, E-business Competition and Microcomputer Adjustment Competition (In Hubei ). Altogether They brought home 8 prizes. This included some first, second, and third prizes as well as the group prize. In 2005, the representative team of the College won the second prize in National College Students Electronics Design Competition in Hubei, the second prize in The 4th Hubei Gotong Monternet Cup Competition On Internet Knowledge and the first prize for The 1st National E-business Competition in Hubei. The College received the fourth place for boys and the first place for girls in Hubei College

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