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Wuhan Electric Power Technical College

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Wuhan Electric Power Technical College, located next to East Lake with beautiful scenery, is a college established by the electric power industry with the approval of Hubei Provincial Government.

It was set up in 1953, and it was the former state key common secondary professional school---Wuhan Electric Power School. The college has a running scale of 4,000 students, mainly nationally recruiting graduates from junior middle schools and senior high schools, and training intermediate and senior talents in technical areas and applied areas. The college occupies a campus area of 150,000m2, with a total construction area of 144,000m2, the library having books collection of 400,000, currently with in-service teachers and staffs of 473, of whom 202 are full-time teachers, and 119 of them have obtained senior professional title, and it has 2,200 registered students.
 The college has several departments like Electric Power Engineering Department, Power Engineering Department, Construction Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Economic management Department, Fundamental Courses Department and other departments or sections; and offers electrical operation of power station and power system, technology and management of power supply and use, power market planning and marketing , power station concentrated controlling operation, mechantronics, computer network, project survey and supervision, project price management, and others, totaling 27 specialties. Accordingly, they are outfitted with 60 locations of test and practice, of which substation and thermal power emulation center, relay protection center, electric power system operation center, language center and computer center have reached domestically advanced level, therefore, it forms taking higher technical and professional education as its main teaching pattern, and concurrently conducts the teaching pattern of secondary professional education and on-the-job training in multi-level, multi-channel and multi-form. Nearly 50 years, the college also conducts a large number of on-the-job training for electric power system and other fields of the society, with over 4,000 on-the-job trainees and over 450 on-the-job trainees of formal schooling.
 Persisting in taking the road of combining production and learning with research, it has formed a quite strong capacity of scientific research and development, and its own developed 300MW thermal power generator set emulator, 500KV substation emulation system, optimization control system for ladder hydroelectric station, computer excitation system for electric power station and others have become the applicative technology. It has completed 28 scientific research items, and complied and published over 100 teaching materials since 1993, the college has been granted the title of Advanced Unit of Scientific Research Work by Hubei Electric Power Co.
 The College cooperates widely with the outside world, and has been keeping excellent technical exchange and cooperative relationship with Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, EU and other countries & organizations for quite a long time, and time and time again dispatched staffs to foreign countries for study and work, and further improved its academic and technical exchanges, particularly the training items cooperating with EU, which has achieved satisfactory results to both sides.
 Since 1996, the College has been consecutively awarded Two Civilized Unit by the following five ministries or commissions of the State Education commission, the State Planning Commission, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Finance, and has been granted the Advanced School of Technical Education by Hubei People’s Government, and the title of Gardens Type School by Hubei Education Commission as well as greening Red Flag Unit by Wuhan People’s Government. At present, it accelerates the construction marches towards the aim of a demonstration college in accordance with the new school running regulations and rules. The exquisite environment of education, first- rate teaching facilities, qualified teaching staff and excellent teaching quality will become the fertile soil for the personnel with lofty ideals to become a useful person and turn into the ladder for realizing the ideal of life.

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