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Jining University

Eastern China | Shandong



Located at Qufu, the oriental holy city as well as the birthplace of Confucianism.Jining University is known as a comprehensive four-year program university,with normal education as its focus.It dates back to the year of 1951.After years of changes ,in 1971,JiningUniversity was restored on the basis of Jining Normal School and the attached middle school of Qufu Normal School of Qufu Normal college.Then in 1978,it was approved by the State Council to be a full-time ordinary higher school.Later in 2007 it was promoted to Jining University by the Education Ministry.

1529481380.jpgThe university has now 15 departments with 42 specialities ,which include 5 categories such as humanity,sociology,science,engineering and management.There are 8300 students in full-time education and 2000 students of adult education in the university.The total mumber of the teaching staff is up to 916.Among them, 567people are regular teachers .216 possess higher title of the professional post,230 are postgraduates and doctors.


The college covers an area of 1370 acres ,with the construction surface taking 3440000 square kilometers .In the library there are 80000 volumes of paper books.1820 types of magazines and periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages.230000 volumes of electronic books .The total expenses of the teaching instruments and equipments approximates 4000,0000 yuan(RMB),and an investment of 11600000 yuan(RMB) is put on the campus networks,to which the Gigabit Ehernet technology has been applied with 10basic platforms and 13 net application programs.


Three attached teaching units are set up to the university ,that is ,the attached high school ,the attached middle school and the attached primary school ,which are all regarded as those of higher levels in the urban district of Jining City.


 During the long practice of running the school ,the university has formed its unique characteristics :rooted in the hometown of Kong Zi and Meng Zi ,inherit and transmit Chinese excellent traditional culture ,build superior education system for the teacher and create the practical persons with creative spirit and practicing ability.


The history has turned to a new page ,on which the stall all over our university will join the efforts and write a more brilliant new chapter tomorrow.

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