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Hundreds of years ago, Longzhong Mountain was where the embodiment of the Chinese wisdom—Premier Zhuge Liang lived in seclusion in his youth. Now, with 50 years history, Xiangfan University is running here facing a turning point of development of the new century.

Xiangfan City, where Xiangfan University locates, is a country-level Historical and Cultural City developed from Xiangyang, an ancient city with 2800 years history. It is also “China Magic City”. It is a convergence of merchants and a strategic point, a confluence of Central Plains Culture and the Chu Culture, the headstream of the story and the Culture of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. And now it is the second largest city of Hubei Province, next only to Wuhan city. It’s also the largest city in the convergence area of Hubei, Henan, Chongqing and Shaanxi, and it is the subsidiary city in Hubei and one of the biggest cities in the triangle of economic and social development in Hubei province.

The university is adjacent to the district of ancient Longzhong:”A Country-level Scenic Spot”. The tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery makes it an ideal place for students to study. In the former days, Premier Zhuge Liang lived here in seclusion for ten years. He studied, farmed, cultivated his morality and planned his strategic “triple power balance” here. Now, in the same place, thousands of ambitious youth are taking their tertiary education while making preparation for their bright and influential future.

Xiangfan University takes “simple living demonstrates lofty aspiration, quiet life accomplishes the ideal” as the school motto. Altogether, we provide 38 bachelor programs and 11 diploma programs covering pedagogy, literature, science, economics, technical studies, jurisprudence, and management. Xiangfan University holds a body of 10783 full-time and 4549 part-time students.

Xiangfan University is funded and strongly supported by both and Central and local governments. It extends 9.20 million square meters with 4.03 million square meters architectural area. Library stacks contain 1,450,800 volumes. Our staff body is as large as 1295 including 707 teaching staff. Among them 247 are professors and associate professors and 356 are masters or Doctors. Some young lecturers are awarded the Special Allowance of the State Council or Provincial Government. We invite some famous experts to be visiting professors or honored professors, for example the world famous violinist Mr. Sheng Zhongguo. At present we have 1 “Chutian Scholar” and 7 “Longzhong Scholar”.

We embrace the concept of comprehensive, full-range education for the personal development of students and attach the importance to the improvement of the study and living conditions. The university is well equipped with teaching, research, study and living facilities. Our canteens provide food of various tastes to meet all needs. Students’ organizations and associations are very active and make the campus life rich and colorful.

Xiangfan University takes the advantage of rich cultural heritage and transportation convenience of Xiangfan city. In the current stage, XFU will take the opportunity that China is implementing the strategy of making the country stronger through science and education and developing higher education. In the future, Xiangfan University would expand the influence to neighbor province and it would soon become a national first-class, highly qualified university.


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