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Xianning University is located in Xianning City, a place that is considered to be the "home of osmanthus trees". Xianning Universitywhich emerged from the former Xianning Medical College and Xianning Teachers College in 2002has a history of 70 year-school running and 30 years- bachelor degree education.

The university covers 306 acres with 57.62 square meters of building area. It has a 82,784,000 RMB cost of teaching and researching instrument, 2944 computers for teaching purpose, 19048 seats in multimedia classroom and luanguage labits library contains 1,757,600 volumes of books and magazines. There are 15,439 full-time students and 858 professional faculty members, 73 of whom are professors, 224  associate professors, 47 doctors and 386 masters. 6 teachers’ special subsidy has been granted from the State Council of the country , 6’s from the Provincial Government of Hubei and 2’s from the City council of Xianning. 5 teachers are recognized as well-established young and middle-aged experts in Hubei Province, 4 are considered to be cross-century distinguished leaders and backbones in Hubei academic world.

The university has been concentrating on improving the structure of specialities.It has 13 faculties and 30 specialties, which cover economics, education, literature, history, natural science, engineering science, medical science and business. One of the subjects, 2 of the specialties and 4 courses are provincially recognized. 9 of the subjects, 7 specialties and 28 courses are well-established in the university. The university has 6 experiment centers(one of them is provincially recognized), 8 affiliated hospitals and 159 teaching practice bases.

The university has greatly emphasized scientific research. The faculty members have undertaken 444 research projects of all levels in recent three years, one of which is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 of which by National Social Science Foundation, 2 of which by National Educational Science Program, 24 of which by Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation and Social Science Foundation, 133 of which by city council, with a publication of 18 volumes, 82 textbooks, 11 compilations and portfolios and 2930 academic theses, more than 85 of which have been collected in SCI, EI and ISTP. Of all the outcomes, 3 of them have won Hubei Provincial Natural Science Prize, 2 of them Hubei Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 2 of them Hubei Provincial Social Science Prize and 5 of them Hubei Provincial Teaching Achievement Prize etc.

The university gives the first priority to the undergraduate teaching, aiming at fostering the advanced applicable talents with practical ability and innovative ability, increasingly promoting educational reform in teaching and curriculum system, exploring new channels for talent cultivation, improving the structure of specialties, rearranging the educational resources and upgrading the quality of the talents cultivated on the campus. It has successively provided over 30,000 graduates of various kinds for our country, a large number of them are the backbones in all works of life now. In recent years particularly, the quality of talent cultivation of the university has been increasingly upgraded and the comprehensive ability of the regular students has been obviously reinforced. As a result of this, many students of our university have won awards at provincial and national levels in mathematic modeling competition, works of fine arts competition, Track and Field Sports for Provincial university students. In addition, the employment rate of the graduates of the university always remains at 90 percent or so.

The university adheres to the open-door policy, it invites foreign teachers and experts from overseas countries as well as famous scholars at home for teaching on the campus. At present, with the widened scope and the enhanced level of school running, Xianning University values its links with the tertiary educational institutions in the countries and regions in the world for mutual cooperation in academic researches, jointly running school and interchanges of staff members, meanwhile welcomes international students and provides them with bachelor #s programs and supports services to ensure a positive, successful and rewarding experience for all of them.

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