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School:The Survey of the Affiliated Middle School of Qinghai Normal University


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The Survey of the Affiliated Middle School of Qinghai Normal University

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The Affiliated Middle School of Qinghai Normal University is a key school which directly under the jurisdiction of Qinghai provincial government. It is also a standard school and an English advanced experimental middle school including senior high school, junior high school, and primary school with 3000 students. The school is located in the west of the Wusi Xi Road and in an advantageous geography positions: it looks forward the south mountain, and backs on the Huangshui River; on its north is the Culture Park and on its east is the Qinghai Normal University; on the west it is next to the Haihu Road. The school has graceful and quiet environment as well as rich cultural atmosphere.

The school holds the idea about operation of “

All the things are for the students’ healthy growing” and insists on the educational policy of “Have the good groundwork, train the ability, develop the personality, and enhance the quality”. With these ideas, the Affiliated Middle School of Qinghai Normal University has brought up numbers of eligible graduates, and its result of the entrance examination for college was always among the best of the successful candidates of the whole province during the past 20 years.

The school has a large quantity of teachers. Half of them are special-class or higher-class teachers, and more than ten teachers has won the teaching competition at the national, provincial and civic level. Several teachers has won the honor of the model works at the provincial level or the honor of the excellent teacher at the provincial and civic level.

The school’s facilities have furnished completely with the scientific laboratories of physics, chemistry, and biography, multifunctional classroom, computer classroom, language laboratories, and astronomical observatory. Net center furnished with satellite reception system, digital collection and compilation system and constructed with teaching resources base. Campus-net linked to the CERNET exteriorly. Its mainstay’s exchange ability has come to kilomega, and hundredmega to the desktop.

The interior of the net has achieved that every classroom can link to the net. All of these offered advanced means and abundant information resources for the teaching job.

After the 50 years’ practice and exploration, the application of the English special education, the scientific experimental class, the information technology education and the modern educational methods have become the characteristic of the school’s operation.

Excellent teachers, favorable facilities, graceful environment, and rich cultural atmosphere offered the advantageous conditions for all students’ healthy growing. On the fertile soil of the Affiliated Middle School of Qinghai Normal University, students’ personalities and potentials can all be edified and exploited to the full.

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