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Taishan University

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Taishan University (TSU) is located at the foot of the world  famous Taishan which enjoys the reputation of World Natural and Cultural Heritage. TSU  is a full-time comprehensive undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry  of Education of China in 2002. It has a long history  of more than 50 years' higher education from 1958.


Comprising two campuses: Main Campus and South Campus, TSU  covers an area of 918, 666 square meters with a floor space of 470 thousand  square meters including high standard teaching buildings, laboratories,  libraries, a gymnasium and a student center. TSU enjoys a teaching and  administrative staff of 1250 and its full-time student population totals up to  17.8 thousand.


TSU currently has 17 schools and one College English Teaching  Department, 57 undergraduate degree programs and 34 professional training  programs in total. Courses are offered in 9 major academic fields: literature,  science, engineering, management, law, history, education, economics and art  studies, among which, the fields of literature, science, education and  management have been offered for several decades and have become influential in  ShandongProvince and further in China.


Some Achievements and Honors of Teaching and Scientific  Research:

l6 Provincial Undergraduate Specialty MajorsMathematics and Applied  Mathematics, Chinese Language and Taishan University3.jpg Literature, Tourism Management,  Software Engineering, Fine Arts and Science and Technology of Electronic  Information.

lProvincial-level High Quality CoursesAdvanced  Algebra,Data Structure, Optics, Language Curriculum and Instruction, College English, Sketch, College Chinese, Chinese Geography, Introduction to Mathematics  Education, History of Foreign Literature, Pedogeography, Ancient Chinese  History, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese, Appreciation of College Fine Arts,  Introduction to Linguistics,Mandarin, etc.

l3 Provincial Bilingual Teaching Demonstration  Courses:Introduction to Tourism, Electromagnetics, Introduction to Linguistics;  

l5 Provincial Key Disciplines (Lab/Base): Computer Application Technology, Organic Chemistry, Taishan Fine  Arts, Tourism Resource and Environment Laboratory, Institute of Taishan Research.

l1 Provincial Experiment Teaching Demonstration  Center.

l1 Comprehensive Pilot Reform Specialty by Ministry of  Education: the major of Software Engineering.

l1 Provincial Innovation Experimental Zone: The major of Tourism Management

l1 National Off-Campus Practice and Education Base for University  Students: The Practical Education Center of Engineering by Taishan Unversity,  Shandong Polytechnic University and Shandong Strong Software Engineering Co.,  LTD.


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lResearch Institutes: Institute of Taishan Research; Institute of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature;Institute  of  Taishan Painting and  Calligraphy. Institute of Tourism, Institute of Scientific Education, Institute  of Applied Physics and Electronic Technology, etc.

International Cooperation:

lEstablishing  ties with more than ten universities from the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Australia and Canada.  

l1982, TSU  started to engage several foreign teachers every year,  

l1995, TSU  began to recruit overseas students.

l1999, TSU  was named by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council as one of  the First Batch of National Chinese Language Education Bases.  

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