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Nanhu International Experimental School

Eastern China | Zhejiang



Nanhu International Experimental School is the first private primary school in our city. It was established in 1998. Our new school was built with BOT Model in 2002.

Modern school, Future education” is our principle for running a school.

Our school covers an area of 50,000 square meters. The building area is more than 20,000 square meters. The surroundings of the campus is very nice. We possess ecology gardens, modern buildings, and humanity fallow land. The facilities and equipments of

the school are advanced. We possess plastic cement race track of 250 meters, indoor swimming pool , tennis court and the other sports facilities. We possess computer campus net, television networks teaching system and office automation. In the school there are more than 170 computers. Every teacher possesses a notebook computer. All the computers can join the internet by means of adsl. .Our school is the second batch of modern educational technology experimental school. At the same time, she is the experimental network of Juvenile Vanguard Young Hawk in Zhejiang.

There are 51 teachers in the school now. Their average age is about 27. They are made up of various excellent teachers. College record teacher takes 92%, primary senior post and higher post teacher takes 38%. All kinds of educational sprout, subject pioneer, excellent teacher takes 74%. This is a young contingent which is full of activity. At the same time, the school invited some well-known figures and educated experts to be our advisers. Our school introduced famous headmaster’s successful management experience of Shanghai.

Through more

than five year’s exploration, our school advanced a kind of management thinking for running a school in detail. Our school insist on the policy ?C Scientific research can prosper a school. Now, in our school, 4 discussions are established in province, I discussion is settled and established in city. 3 discussions are established in xiuheng aera. 29 discussions are established in our school. She has gained the first prize,

second prize, third prize of elementary in Zhejiang. This year, She gained 1 government reward of zhejiang province and Jiaxing city. More than 130 thesis in our school are published or exchanged.

Our school is the education and scientific research base in Jiaxing. And of course, she is the advanced collective of education and scientific research in Jiaxing. After the school work checking, our school is the superior of Xiucheng aera.We have advanced principles for running a school, excellent teachers, modern education equipments, so this young school is forging rapidly ahead. We have already reflected our characteristics on English, computer and art within five years.

Nanhu International Experimental School is rising. She is going forward on the future and international road like the rising sun.

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