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Quark School

Southwestern China | Guizhou


Quark School is a well-established English training institute located in the beautiful city of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou.

Guiyang wins the fame of “a forest city” for its lush vegetation. The residents of Guiyang take pride in its climate, which is cool in the summer and not too cold (above freezing) in the winter. As it is one of the famous cities in China, Guiyang attracts many foreign travelers each year.

Quark School was founded in 1999. Quark’s passion in education, coupled with its supportive and creative management, has resulted in creating conducive environment for learning and working. Presently, we have 50 teaching and administrative staff, including 6 foreign teachers from 5 countries. To date, thousands of learners have chosen to take English, university preparation (for entry into overseas universities) and career management courses with us. Our classes are usually small (up to 20 students), which allows maximum interaction between the teacher and the students. Our aim is to ensure that the learners not only gain the needed skills, but also the ability to achieve lifelong learning through self-motivation. We regard staffs as friends and partners, and help them to utilize their potential to the maximum.

Our Mission
The mission of Quark School is to improve the quality of living by inculcating the appropriate lifelong skills in both the students and staff.
Our Values
● Self-examination: To improve ourselves continually.
● Learning: Be a keen lifelong learner: learn from the books, work, and other people.
● Equality: Every person is equal.
● True Love: With sincerity and honesty, we encourage others to gain wisdom from learning through their mistakes and our own experiences. True love is the combination of love and wisdom.

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