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Jiaxing Vocational Technical College

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Jiaxing Vocational Technical College

Jiaxing Vocational Technical College, a full-time public school of higher education approved and filed by both the State Educational Department of P.R.C. and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, is located in the city of Jiaxing, surrounded by the East Sea, Shanghai, the Tai Lake and the Hangzhou Bay. Situated in the center of the most vital and prosperous economic circle of the Yangtze Delta with the cosmopolis Shanghai as its center, Jiaxing is one of the first coastal economic open zones with the authorization of the State Council as well as one of the famous cultural cities in the south of the Yangtze River.

Jiaxing Vocational Technical College, originally named Jiaxing Agricultural School, was founded in 1950, was

successively won “Provincial Civilized Unit” and “Provincial Advanced Group in Comprehensive Management” conferred by the Provincial Committee and the Provincial People’s Government. The institute once won “Advanced Unit in Education Reform” conferred by the former State Education Committee. The institute campus, covering an area of 53.96 hm2 (over 800 mu) and the buildings has a total floor space of 180,000 sq.m. All the teaching instruments and equipment valued RMB over 25 million. The institute’s library has a collection of over 300,000 volumes. Among its teaching staff of 360, there are over 338 full-time teachers, with high-ranking professionally technical titles professors and associate professors reaching over 60 and 20 teachers the recipients of the government (national, municipal or provincial) special allowance and subject-bellwether certificates. The institute also has full-time teachers of foreign nationality.

The institute owns the engagement qualification for cultural and educational experts of foreign nationality, which has been approved by the State Foreign Expert Bureau. The institute is appointed Jiaxing examination place for National Public English Test, Computer Certificate Test, National Network & Technical Qualification Test and E-business qualification certificate Test as well as the self-taught examination of higher learning of Zhejiang province. It also owns a skill-appraisal station approved by the State Labor Department and offers provincial key laboratories for the advanced manufacturing skill of Zhejiang University as well as practice and training bases for the skills of motor-driven vehicles of the research institute. It has established

the cooperative relationship with Qinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Foreign Trade Institute for correspondence courses for associate college students or undergraduate students and adult education of higher learning. It has also cooperative educational programs with foreign educational institutions in the U.K., Australia, Japan and etc. It is one of the recipients of Huaxia Fund Association and Shaoyifu Fund Association.

The institute offers over 20 majors for biological environment engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, foreign language and foreign trade, such as environmental protection & treatment, applied biological technology (pharmacy), food safety & inspection, protection & quarantine of animal diseases, urban horti culture, gardening & green engineering, computer technology & application, network &communication technology, computer software technology, mechanical & electronic integration, industrial automation technology, digital control technology, automobile application technology, applied electronic technology, garment design, industrial design, light textile product design & technology, international trade, e-business, management & administration (oriented to commodity interflow management, financial management & tax management), practice English and Japanese, secretarial affairs and tourism management & service. The student enrollment is over 7,000.

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