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Xiamen Foreign Language School

Eastern China | Fujian


Xiamen Foreign Language School, founded in Dec.1981, is now one of the first-rate secondary and senior high schools in Fujian Province, China.

The school has two campuses and covers an area of 112,707m2 with four buildings of 65,222m2. The campus consists of 3 classroom buildings, 2 laboratory buildings, a modern education technology center, 2 administrative office buildings, a library, an art center, a gym building, 3 students dormitory buildings, 2 dining hall buildings, an teachers dormitory and 2 apartment buildings for foreign teachers.

The school also has 12 well-equipped physics laboratories, 12 chemistry laboratories and 9 biology laboratories. In the multifunction building, there are language laboratories, audio-visual education classrooms. labour and technique education classrooms, computer classrooms, music and art education classrooms, computer classrooms, music and art education classrooms and 4 lecture theaters. They are all fully equipped. There is also a kilometer school network with about 500 terminals. The school libraries have a collection of 105,000 volumes.

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On the playground there are a 200m and a 400m plastic cement track rings, an indoor track area, 8 basketball courts, 6 volleyball courts and 2 football fields.

At present, the school has 75 classes (divided into 150 classes for English language teaching) with about 4100 students and 310 teachers including 10 foreign teachers from the USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, Japan.

The school’s chief aim is to turn out students with good foreign language skills and possessing extensive general knowledge for the institutions of higher learning in China. At the same time, the school also lays a solid foundation for developing students who are well educated, having an international knowledge of the today’s world.

The school has an educational system of six-year’s schooling (three years for junior high school and three years for senior high school). It enrolls new students for Junior One on the basis of competitive senior high school). It enrolls new students for junior One on the basis of competitive selection in the whole area of the city. After they finish the junior level, most of them will continue their study except those who are not suitable for further development in the school as foreign language students. 

The school adheres to the teaching policy of “Stress on English, equal importance to arts and science courses, and an all-round development” to deepen and push for the “education aimed at all-round development of students”.

(1) Stress on English. The school emphasizes the development of the student’s ability in the English language. (A) It carries out the unified teaching plans of foreign language schools throughout the country. In addition, it uses original edition foreign textbooks as well as textbooks compiled and published by Ministry of Education of China. (B) English classes are conducted in small units (about 25 students). (C) It attaches importance to the utilization of modem educational technologies. (D) It has successively invited foreign teachers from various countries to come and teach in the school. (E) It offers an English-practising course to promote the development of the student’s ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

(2) Equal importance to arts and science courses. While laying stress on English, it intensifies the teaching of other subjects, paying special attention to the teaching of Chinese language, maths, physics and chemistry. It enhances the ability in carrying out experiments and steps up the utilization of modern teaching methods so that the students can lay a reasonable foundation for knowledge structures while receiving the elementary education.

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(3) An all-round development. The school implements the Party’s and the State’s educational policy earnestly and guides the students to develop morally, intellectually and physically. Following the school slogan “Improve one’s virtue and refine one’s professional ability”, the students become ambitious for the future, study hard, have self-discipline and self-consciousness, respect their teachers and cherish their friends, deport themselves properly, and aim to become the talented persons. As a result, the school has an excellent school spirit of “Unity, Diligence, Rigour and Innovation.”

Aiming at globalization, prominence in foreign languages, equal emphasis on literal arts and science and the comprehensive development of all students, the school has achieved great success in the past 25 years. Our graduates are better prepared for further education and more competent in the fast-developing society. It is widely acknowledged by the community. 

Yet with the entry of the WTO, China is deepening the process of opening and reform. The school now has more opportunities to cooperate and communicate with the world. The school is also increasingly aware of the need of international school link programmes to broaden the students’ horizon, help them better understand different cultures and establish them a strong consciousness of global citizenship.

The school has built school links with Sussex University in the UK, Columbia International

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