Education System

The education system between China and Hongkong.

Development of the Technology and Science

China's universities have been through several periods of reform.With government investment,they are now producing internationally recognised research.Vikki Allen looks at key universities and how the system works.

Issues and problems in the chinese educational system

Since the resumption of graduate education in China in 1978,the system has experienced a remarkable development.

School List
Rank University
1 MEG Bilingual International Kindergarten
2 Little Eton Bilingual Kindergarten
3 IVY Bilingual School
4 Guangzhou Pearl River Square Beien Kindergarten
5 Kid Castle Educational Institute
6 Daqing No. 1 Secondary School
7 Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School
8 MEG Bilingual International Kindergarten
9 Fangcaodi International School
10 Beijing Primary School

History of the Educational System of China

It shall be convenient,for the purpose of the present essay,to dicide the history of the educational system of China into five major periods:

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