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China visa is China visa authorities in accordance with the Chinese legal provisions for application, exit or transit of foreign citizen of Chinese issued a permit. Chinese visa authorities, in overseas is Chinese diplomatic, consular representative agency, Ministry of foreign affairs in Hongkong, Macao Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of foreign affairs and other authorized agencies within the territory of China; Ministry of public security, public security organs authorized by the local.

Chinese visa authorities according to the foreigners' identity, purpose of entry, and in reference to the type of passport, respectively to a diplomatic visa, Courtesy visa, business visa and visa.

Ordinary visa is divided into the following categories ( code D respectively, Z, X, F, L, G, C, J-1, J-2 ):

D: to settle personnel in china;

Z: send China office or employment personnel and their dependents ( spouse and minor children);

X: students learn, practice, to stay for 6 months or more personnel;

F: to visit, visits, lectures on invitation, business, science and technology and cultural exchanges and short-term training, practice and not more than 6 months of personnel;

L: to come to China to travel, visiting relatives or other private purposes staff;

G: to transit through China personnel;

C: to perform the crew, aviation, shipping, the international train crew, seaman;

J-1: to resident foreign correspondents in china;

J-2: send visiting reporters.


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