FEAC WG5 Consulting Meeting on Urban Air Quality Held

Updated:2013-04-01 09:50:21

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FEAC WG5 convened a consulting meeting on urban air quality at Beijing Foreign Experts Building on March 26, 2013. Mr. Liu Yanguo (deputy administrator of SAFEA), American expert Mr. Daniel J. Dudek, Mr. Wang Jian (deputy chief of the Dept. of Prevention and Control of Pollution of MEP), Mr. Lu Shize (MEP), Mr. Chai Fahe (Vice President of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences), Mr. Gao Jian from (Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences), Mr. Zhang Jianyu and Ms. Yuan Yi (EDF), and other members from SAFEA team attended the meeting. The meeting began with Mr. Dudek’s brief presentation of his draft proposal on urban air quality, followed by the discussion on tackling China’s air pollution and suggestions to Mr. Dudek’s draft proposal. Mr. Liu Yanguo chaired the meeting and led the discussion. Experts from both home and abroad fully exchanged ideas on this valuable proposal regarding current situation, problem analysis and optimal solutions, reaching the consensus that ambient policy making, law enforcement and market mechanism building are among the most effective measures to be considered as priority in future endeavors. Mr. Liu concluded the meeting and called for in-depth discussions on-line or in a succeeding meeting if possible.


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