Foreign teachers of acute myocardial infarction

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(1) The basic situations of events

Liaoning province college hired the United States citizen foreign teachers C, male, born in 1958, in July 31, 2009 in the school house of death. By the local public security bureau, provincial people's Hospital of death results as " acute myocardial infarction and sudden death ".
July 31st morning 10 when make, the students of A to its home visits, found lying on the kitchen floor, unable to wake up, and immediately report of Institute of foreign languages and foreign affairs leadership, and phoned 120 emergency telephone. The foreign affairs department immediately report the school leadership. Then dial 110, school start emergency plans. About 10 minutes after the school leaders have to arrive at the scene and involvement in 120 emergency rescue, the foreign affairs office to assist the police to understand the situation, to handle related affairs.

The school leadership
attaches great importance to the matter, the first time will be C 's condition and rescues were reported outside the province only bureau, province, Province Education Office of the foreign affairs office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other authorities, foreign affairs, public security, foreign affairs office and other units leadership has also arrived at the scene, to direct the rescue and instructions.

City Public Security Bureau
and the school security in foreign affairs division of the school after receiving the report, immediately sent respectively to rush to the hospital and the scene, on the C room scene investigation and protection, to the relevant personnel do records of investigation. At the same time, the school actively do a good job in other foreign relief work, in order to get their understanding and support of the work of school. After nearly 1 hours of the rescue, C faded signs. With the United States Embassy agreed, on that day 12 when make, announced the death of C, hospital emergency center expert based on C condition and laboratory reports, obtains the C due to acute myocardial infarction leading to death of the conclusion. Later, the school will C's sudden death, the salvage process in writing submitted to the relevant departments and leaders.

The afternoon of July 31st
, the school was set up outside the Department and security department mainly C aftercare treatment group. The school orientation of the C family call him and the entire rescue process. His family in sorrow for the school 's efforts, but has not said whether to take care of things. The school will this situation back to the United States Embassy Embassy in families with C, after consultation, decided to send a two Secretary to handle the aftermath.

The afternoon of August 2nd
, the United States Embassy two Secretary arrived at the school, the city's public security organs affairs officer informed the C death and the police conclusion, foreign affairs office on behalf of the school to the two secret gentleman details of C 's school work, life and rescue process, ask the United States Embassy in China to deal with the aftermath of the C. Views. After the introduction to the show, two secret: the Plenipotentiary of the United States ambassador and his family to deal with the aftermath of the C, agreed to the province people's Hospital and Chinese police issued C death conclusion, without any objection to the school for that, thanks to the work of C odds and ends, and put forward four demands hope school, to help: for L, C for Muslims, hope the school can according to Muslim customs of the dead. In 2, the United States Embassy in China to provide a C death report; 3, to provide all the case record copy; 4, to assist the C repatriation. In order to ensure that the event processing is complete, schools also to the two secret gentleman put out a request that the United States Embassy in China, on the death of C issued a written confirmation. After several rounds of consultations, forming a " C death agreement ". Consent in, both Chinese and English, by two secret gentleman representative signature. Subsequently, the school immediately with the funeral, funeral parlour, City Public Security Bureau of forensic center contact, arrange related matters, for the repatriation of all formalities. According to the relevant provisions of the state, the C expert repatriation costs borne by families to assume, school fees and the Embassy of consultation, decided by the school pays all costs, then, the United States Embassy will money to the school. At the same time, C death claims procedures in full swing. C remains arrived at home, the family through the Embassy of the United States. The school made thank you for all that.

, the school teachers C sudden myocardial infarction and sudden death events are summarized, decided to take the lesson, to all the foreign experts to conduct a safety education, supervise the foreign experts to strengthen consciousness of self-protection. For each expert issued a " safety knowledge information ", tell them security, security, fire prevention knowledge, traffic safety this note, seeking method, emergency, call for help and safety knowledge. In addition, strengthen school management team building, requirements of a full range of concerned expert, cogent control expert accurate accommodation travel information. Contact channels, in order to facilitate the expert for help, help, to ensure that the expert in the school during the work of the safety of life and property.


(2) Comments

Schools in the handling of the incident, pay attention to the following important segment:

 advance the development of comprehensive emergency plan, and ensure its effective implementation. First, after the incident, the school in accordance with the emergency plan everything in good order and well arranged work, measure reachs the designated position, rapid action, as sudden death teacher aftermath treatment created good condition. In second, the school to report to the superior organ, by their superiors, attention and guidance, the school and each cooperate closely about the branch. In third, the province only bureau begins the work actively, master incident follow-up process, helping the school to aftercare work.
2. the family do appease. For family, in responsibility clear premise as far as possible to meet the reasonable requirements of families, properly handle the aftermath, quickly.
3. prepare the relevant documents, as an important basis for dealing with the aftermath.
reduce the risk. Dealing with the aftermath of everything from foreign country Embassy confirmation and engagement, greatly reducing the school's responsibility and risk.
. foreign teachers, respect the religious beliefs and customs.


(3) Discuss

1. in the processing of foreign teachers C death in the aftermath, the school is how to achieve rational, favorable, a festival?
2. the event has given us what enlightenment and lessons?



Case Analysis and discussion of personal accident casualties Foreign teachers of acute myocardial infarction

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