City Features

  • Foods

    Seafood is all over the place in Xiamen, and especially in Gulangyu, and is a great introd ...

  • Shopping

    The Qixiandiao (lacquer filament carving) is the handicraft article having the longest his ...

  • Art&Entertainment

    At the Egret Alluvion City Park, there will be musical fountain show at 8:00pm every day a ...

  • Hotel

    Add:No. 101 Yuehua Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, China, 361006 Surroundings: Lake Par ...

  • Travel

    Xiamen Gulangyu Island covers an area of 1.87 square kilometers. Sunlight Rock, the highes ...

  • Geography

    Xiamen comprises Xiamen Island (longitude 118° 04'04"E, latitude 24° 26'46" N.), Gulangyu Island, and larger region on the mainland stretching from the left bank of the Jiulong River in the west to the islands of Xiang'an in the north east. This region accounts for four of the municipality's six dis ...

  • History

    Until 1840, Western "barbarians" were allowed to trade only in Guangzhou (which they called Canton), and only under strict controls. After China lost the First Opium War, Britain took Hong Kong and China was forced to open five Treaty Ports: Guangzhou, Xiamen (then known as Amoy), Fuzhou, Ningbo and ...


It is not Shanghai or Hong Kong, but compared to most other cities in China, Xiamen is definitely a very vibrant, affluent and modern place. It got an international award in a contest for most livable cities in 2002; neighboring Quanzhou won the following year.

Administrative Districts

Now the city has jurisdiction over six districts including Siming, Huli, Haicang, Jimei. Tong'an, Xiang'an, and so on.

Information and Service

Emergency: Police:tel.110 Fire:tel.119. Ambulance:tel.120. Area Code: 0592. Zip Code:361000. Area: an area of 1,565 square kilometers Wal-Mart China World Trade Center, 878-888 Xiahe Road Massive supermarket where you can buy anything from fresh veg to LCD TV's.

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