City Features

  • Foods

    Shanxi Noodles are definitely a local specialty and these can be prepared in several ways. ...

  • Shopping

    Fen Jiu and Zhu Ye Qing are two wines that originated in Taiyuan and are the city's most f ...

  • Art&Entertainment

    Nangong Square, as one of the main squares in the city, has become an ideal place for ente ...

  • Hotel

    Hanting Express (Taiyuan Shenglidong Branch) ☎ +86 351 3231199 (fax: +86 351 3231133). S ...

  • Travel

    Jinci Temple , (25km southwest of central Taiyuan. Take bus 8 (from the railway station) o ...

  • Geography

    Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, is bounded on three sides by mountains. It has a 2500-year history and in ancient times was an important military town. Now Taiyuan is one of China's heavy industrial cities and accounts for more than half the national coal mining output.

  • History

    Taiyuan also has a wealth of tourist attractions and notably among these is the Jinci Temple. This is the city's most attractive temple although the Shuangta Si (Twin-Pagoda Temple) has become a symbol of Taiyuan on account of its unique architecture. Another major attraction is the Tianlong Shan St ...


Taiyuan benefits from convenient public transport systems as the city is the provincial transportation hub. Accommodation facilities have become more and more advanced over recent years and range from 5-star hotels to a selection of comfortable guest houses.

Administrative Districts

Situated next to Fenhe River and surrounded by mountains. Taiyuan has a history of 2,400 years. Now, Taiyuan is important as home to heavy industry an ...

Information and Service

Emergency: Police:tel.110 Fire:tel.119. Ambulance:tel.120 Dialing Number: 0351 Zip Code: 030000 Post Office Yingze Jie Post Office: No. 213, Yingze Dajie Yingze Branch of China Post Office: No. 66, Yingze Xi Dajie Bank: Bank of China Shanxi Branch is located at No. 288, Yingze Dajie

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