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  • Foods

      Lamb rice noodles (羊肉粉)

  • Shopping

      The Chinese goosebeery is wild-grown liana fruit tree. According to the record i ...

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      The Silk River Recreation City is very large which makes you find yourself in an ...

  • Hotel

      Liupanshui Vika F.S Hotel Hotel Address: GuizhouLiupanshui Liupanshui Zhongshan ...

  • Travel

      the underground lake in Qilin Cave Park 麒麟公园

  • Geography

      Liupanshui (simplified Chinese六盘水; traditional Chinese六盤水; pinyin: Liùpánshuǐ) is a city in western Guizhou province in southwest China. The name Liupanshui combines the first character from the names of each of the city's three constituent counties: Liuzhi, Pan, Shuich ...

  • History

    The general area is significant as the seat of the historic Yelang political entity, a confederation of tribes that dominated parts of modern day Guizhou, Hunan, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. The city was established in 1978 as a prefecture-level municipality.


Liupanshui is a major rail hub in southwestern China. The Shanghai-Kunming, Liupanshui-Baiguo and Neijiang-Kunming Railways intersect in the city.

Administrative Districts

  Its administratively divided to the following county-level jurisdictions: Liuzhi Special District六枝特区 Pan County盘县 Shui ...

Information and Service

  Chinese Name: 六盘水 (Liù pán shuǐ) Population: 2,830,000 (2006)  Area: 9,926 km²  

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