City Features

  • Foods

    There are few dishes or specialties that distinguish the cuisine of the fort and its sur ...

  • Shopping

      The most famous of specialties here is the "Self-Illuminating" Cup (Ye ...

  • Art&Entertainment

      July 1st Glacier - enormous 500 meter glacier, day trip tours available, renting ...

  • Hotel

      Holiday Plaza Hotel Jiayuguan Address: 1799 South Wenhua Road (Wenhua Nan Lu)

  • Travel

        Jiayuguan Fort. The ticket for the Fort alone (which also gives admi ...

  • Geography

      Jiayuguan City is located at 98°17' east longitude and 39°47' north latitude. It lies in the Gobi desert, at the middle of Hexi Corridor, 776 kilometers away from Lanzhou and 5 - 6 hours away by bus from Dunhuang.

  • History

    A fabulous legend recounts the meticulous planning involved in the construction of the pass. According to legend, when Jiayuguan was being planned, the official in charge asked the designer to estimate the exact number of bricks required and the designer gave him a number (99999). The official q ...


  Jiayuguan is served by China National Highway 312, and the Lanzhou-Xinjiang and Jiayuguan-Ceke Railways. Direct air services are available to Xi'an on Shanghai Airlines and Beijing on Air China.

Administrative Districts

  Jiayuguan has 3 management districts with a total population of 231,853(2010). Xiongguan District雄关区) ( Changcheng District长 ...

Information and Service

  Population: 300,000 Area: 3,000 square kilometers Nationalities: Han, Hui, Tibetan, Dongxiang, Yugu, Baoan, Hazake, Tu, Sala, Manchu, and Mongolian Zip Code: 735100 Area Code: 0937

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