Nationality: U.K;


What do you LOVE most about life in Chinau

In order to counter the myth that foreigners hate China and do nothing but sit around and complain about it.
2012-09-28 13:55:05
Answers (8)

Cuby Miller

Nationality: U.S.A;

For me, I love the people that I have had the chance to really know.  I love the family that I am raising her.  I love the food (mostly) and I love the chaos that makes life here fun and horrible at the same time.
2012-09-28 14:15:44


Nationality: Australia;

Its not Japan !
2012-09-28 14:44:28


Nationality: Australia;

I love the people. I love the country. I miss it a lot when I am at home.
2012-09-28 14:43:19


Nationality: U.S.A;U.K;

I love that people think differently, though sometimes i hate it too. I love that at least in my experience Chinese men treat me like a lady instead of one of the guys even when I am like one of the guys. (opening the doors, filling my plate, pouring my beer etc...) I dont really love the food I think it's pretty greasy, but I know I would miss a few dishes if I left. I love red bean on yogurt. I love my boyfriend who is Chinese and has had a completely different life growing up than I did.
2012-09-28 14:41:59


Nationality: Canada;

I'm a born traveler.  For me, the best feeling is the first step out of the train station in a new city.  Walking along the narrow alleys with food smells at night.  Riding the train along the Fujian countryside.  Relaxing in the fields beside the Yangtze River.  Eating my girlfriend's delicious Chinese food.  Getting a cheap haircut and scalp massage.  And... even a moment of connection with a local makes my day.  
2012-09-28 14:41:08

Mary Wang

Nationality: Canada;

ike eating fresh jujubes and the friends that I have here. I like not having to cook and saving money at the same time. The only thing that would make me happier is if I had a boyfriend or a dog, preferably both.
2012-09-28 14:39:52


Nationality: New Zealand;

I never hear anyone praise those little loafs of bread. I like them
2012-09-28 14:25:21


Nationality: U.S.A;U.K;

love the food, the cost of living, the women and the beauty of the country (on clear sky days of course).I like the excitement of not knowing what will happen next in this crazy rollercoaster ride of living here.  Not mundane like many days at home. I have also made many wonderfull friends that I would miss greatly if I left.  
2012-09-28 14:22:52

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