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Michael John Hughes
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Michael John Hughes
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Bachelor's Degree
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Bachelor's Degree
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(Average salary in China is RMB3000)
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BSc (Hons) Zoology – University of London September 1991 – June 1994

A-Level Biology, Economics, Geography and Spanish – Hugh Baird College of Technology
September 1987 – June 1991
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IT Business Development Manager – Surrey Police Force, Guildford, Surrey, U.K.
July 2000 – June 2011

 Resource, operationally and strategically managed an IT support and business improvement team who, under my leadership, consistently and peerlessly achieved customer satisfaction surveys of almost 100% and attained Service Level Agreements in excess of 99% while delivering a high quality, cost-effective, efficient and value-adding service to the public.

 Prepared and delivered technical training of a number of enterprise-wide software applications to new practitioners engaging on a one-to-one or mixed ability group basis conducting individual needs analysis, diagnosing proficiency, existing technical knowledge, learning style, motivation, cultural background and other requisite criteria.

 Facilitated the training requirements of those for whom I was responsible as part of my ongoing commitment to their personal and professional growth. This ranged from identifying a skills gap in a required competency or behaviour to implementing a development plan tailored exclusively to the individual member of staff.

 As a part of my ongoing development as a manager, I accepted to have my personality profiled professionally through the Myers Briggs industry standard assessment – I was variously described as an extrovert, warm-hearted, popular, conscientious, a born co-operator, role model, always doing something nice for someone, good at creating harmony, tactful, decisive, compassionate, orderly, timely and accurate as well as someone who paid close attention to the needs of others.
Working experience in China
I have no previous work experience in China.
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Oral English;Conversation;English;Writing
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As a successful IT Business Development Manager for a UK Police Force, I had an outstanding reputation for my dedication to customer excellence and for teaching technical subjects one-to-one and in mixed ability groups to a consistently high standard. My continuous commitment to my team’s welfare, motivation, performance and professional development meant I was also renowned for having exceptionally high staff retention and extremely low absence rates - work ethics which I continue to adopt as a qualified English Language Teacher. After passing my CELTA course, I spent three months travelling overland between Jinghong and Qingdao. The time I spent in China gave me an incredible insight into its people, the value of building and maintaining good relations as well as its culture, language and history. Unlike any other country I have ever visited, China made a profound impression upon me. My most rewarding experience in China was spending about a month in a Naxi-owned hostel in Shangri-La providing them free English lessons and, given my previous role as a Business Development Manager, also helping them to improve their business in different ways. I am presently in South Korea on a Tourist Visa but I want nothing more than to return to China to teach English as soon as possible and integrate myself fully into Chinese society for the long-term becoming competent in Mandarin. I take immense pride in being a sincere, trustworthy, loyal and reliable professional with a highly collaborative and cooperative approach to duty. Never one to shy from responsibility, I am always quick to help others, culturally sensitive and exceptionally communicative. Arguably my greatest assets are my passion and positive energy and my kind, caring nature. I am a friendly, enthusiastic, patient, adaptable and supportive educator, respecting my students as individuals and treating them as my equal and always making their learning needs my priority. I sincerely believe that learning should be enjoyable and rewarding and it gives me enormous satisfaction to help, encourage, inspire and empower others by sharing my own knowledge and experience so as to make a positive difference to the lives of others. As the most internationally regarded and most demanding initial teacher training qualification in the world, the University of Cambridge CELTA course (120 contact hours) equipped me with the practical skills and knowledge to feel confident to instruct and direct a class effectively. With class sizes of up to 14 students, I taught English to Thai adult learners of varying abilities and ages using proven student-centred methodologies, valuable classroom management techniques, a variety of in-class technologies and with the aid of market leading textbooks and reliable online resources. My lesson plans were objective-driven with content of interest and relevance to the learners and praised by course tutors as ‘very thorough’ and ‘well staged’. I am also certified in Advanced English Grammar and my pre-lesson language analysis was commended by both my course tutors and far more experienced peers as being of a ‘high standard’. Although I have only limited experience teaching English, my CELTA course report remarks that I showed ‘clear potential’ and, with further practice, ‘will become a capable teacher’. I am seriously committed to developing myself as a successful English Language Teacher in China. I have always proven to be a real asset to any employer and, in fact, in almost every job I have had –voluntary and paid- I have been offered or given promotion in recognition of my hard work, performance and commitment. I have a neutral British English pronunciation with no discernible accent and I am ready to return to China without delay.
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